Japanese Products Now Available Online in Qatar! | SERIES FINALE #supportsmallbusiness

Previously, we featured our series about BAKALA – Qatar’s famed convenience stores inspired by Japanese Konbinis that we can always see in Youtube videos. Then, we also featured several subscription boxes in Japan and made a video of our very own BOKKSU unboxing. All these are just part of our fancy for anything Japanese – a diversionary tactic due to our canceled sojourn to “the land of the rising sun”!

And recently, we met some small businesses that satisfied our cravings for home-cooked foods. And finally, these online shops are making our cravings for Japanese snacks even more convenient and accessible… JAPANESE ONLINE KONBINIS are here!

RION’S KONBINI “Lion’s Convenient Store”

Bringing Japan closer to you through our TREATS

We had a quick chat with the owner of Rionskonbini who shared to us how she started this online store in July 2020. Her main motivation is to earn additional income during this pandemic to augment the earnings from her other online business which is an archery shop here in Qatar.

She chose to sell Japanese products because of her love for Japanese ramen and chocolates – a passion and a form of happiness that she also wants her friends here in Qatar to experience.  The only challenge with this kind of business is the availability of products as they always sell out quickly ( a good problem, right?).

Among all her products, the Japanese ramen is the most saleable and she’s working on adding more unique food items in the future. She wants to ensure her loyal customers that she will always have new and exciting products to offer in her online store. Aside from that, she doesn’t have minimum orders and offers FREE DELIVERY anywhere in Doha.





We offer a variety of affordable Japan Products

We also met another online seller who was motivated by her family and close friends who are also into online business. Due to this pandemic, she started this online store to have an extra income until she got hooked into it, to the point that she even considered quitting her job to focus more on the business.

With the ongoing world situation, high cost of shipping fees, availability of products, as well as delivery delays, are some of the challenges faced by many businesses… including online sellers like her.

Good thing, there’s a huge market for Japanese products here in Qatar that’s why selling it to ex-pat communities isn’t a problem. Because of the popularity of some food during the pandemic, including Baked Sushi, ingredients like Japanese mayo, among others are some of her most saleable items as well as the Nissin Cup Noodles.

With Japan Goodies QA, customers can request and order special items in advance. She kept her prices very reasonable and always in good condition and quality to ensure that everyone will get to enjoy 100% Japanese products in Qatar.




*Please comment below if you know of other home businesses selling Japanese products.

SERIES FINALE | #SupportSmallBusiness

While there are also Japanese food products in various supermarkets here in Qatar, it’s also good to know that we have small businesses that are giving us these options.

As a fitting finale to our #supportsmallbusiness series, it was great to look back at how we started with Qatar bakalas… up to our daily featured products from our small home businesses in Qatar, which saw a lot of interesting developments – including our online workshops for many of these home-trepreneurs. We’ve exhausted all possible means to help them promote their products on Facebook, Instagram, and even our Youtube Channel. It was one of our most creative seasons – in terms of product placement, photography, and content writing. It is because we know that we are not only posting content for views or likes… for many of them,  this is life and a source of income. That is why we’ve also increased our level of commitment and dedication while doing these.

We hope that you enjoyed this series as much as we did. While going through one of the world’s most challenging times… we were able to extend help, inspire people, and motivate small business owners in our own special way. We’ve become one of the trusted sources of new food products available for home deliveries in Qatar and we’ve also given assistance to many online sellers especially on the use of social media in business.

This is, by far, the most rewarding series that we’ve done so far and we will continue to be the community’s partner in giving information, inspiration, and entertainment in all our contents.

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