NOW OPEN: New Capsule Hotel at Hamad International Airport

While browsing my favorite travel app for our next possible staycation (after HILTON THE PEARL DOHA – feature vlog will be available here), I came across a new listing that will serve many transit passengers with connecting flights via Hamad International Airport.

 Sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge, Doha is the second airport hotel located inside Hamad International Airport (Transit Area). Conveniently located in the heart of HIA’s transit area, a mere 2-minute walk from the iconic Teddy Bear sculpture, the property operates on a pay-by-the-hour concept with specific check-in/out time slots around the clock. WiFi is available in public areas and is free of charge.

Sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge features state-of-the-art FlexiSuite Sleep Pods, in addition to YAWN Double and Bunk Cabins, some of which come with a pull-out kids’ bed for an extra charge.

After check-in, guests are escorted to the Sleep Pod/Cabin by one of the hostesses. Guests can use the public restrooms that are located just outside the Sleep Lounge. Showers are available for an extra charge at only a few minutes walk away from the Sleep Lounge.

UNIQUE CONCEPT. Sleep ’n fly lounges are neither a hotel, nor a classic airport lounge, but rather something unique in between. Yes, our focus is on sleep only, and that’s all you get with us in a safe and clean environment. Our partner lounges typically embrace the classic lounge concept including catering, complemented by our sleep ’n fly pods for those guests looking for some added comfort.

IN-TERMINAL LOCATIONS. Location, location, location! Without exception all our lounges are air-side inside the airport terminal. Sometimes right in front of a departure gate, sometimes around a few corners or up an escalator, but surely within the transit area so you do not require an additional visa and pass immigration. Unfortunately such convenience comes at a price, although we still offer excellent value for money!

PAY-BY-THE-HOUR. Unlike a hotel we do not charge you for a full night, instead you pay-by-the-hour depending on the duration of your stay. Simple, straight forward and no surprises! We offer anything from a 1-hour power nap to a full night’s stay, with our without optional amenities such as blankets or our sleep ’n fly signature pillows. We prefer to call our price list ‘menu’ allowing for utmost flexibility to suit every traveller’s needs.

EXPERIENCE DOES MATTER! As the pioneers for dedicated airport sleep lounges we have seen more than 200,000 guests pass through our doors over the years. Whilst we will never claim to be perfect, we surely like to call ourselves ‘the’ experts in our unique little niche of short-term terminal accommodation. And whilst our guests snooze away in a pod or cabin, we never stop thinking about further improvements to our concept to enhance our guests’ experience further year by year.

With this new concept being brought in the Middle East, it is surely giving us positive signs of opening up to the world… to a mobile generation and to a world that is highly interconnected… and to becoming one the fastest growing aviation hubs in the region.

sleep ’n fly is brought to you by OGH Holding UK Ltd. Check out their corporate section to learn more.

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