LaundryHeap: The UBER of laundry is now in QATAR!

One of the popular transport app is Uber  and it’s available in many countries including Qatar. Through Uber app, people can request a ride or food delivery (UberEats for some countries), while those who drive can connect with restaurants and other establishments relying on deliveries for their operations. The app works through your mobile phone and when a nearby driver accepts your request, the app displays their location, estimated time of arrival, travel time to destination, as well as fare which can be prepaid thru major credit cards.

This is definitely a great innovation in the transportation sector. But what if this same concept is also done in major household tasks like LAUNDRY?

Yes! There’s now a similar concept that will make your laundry works very easy, convenient, and cost effective. Ideal for working professionals who wish to lessen their household chores which means more time to rest or do other tasks.


No Direct Contact

In light of the current global situation, LaundryHeap also adopted several measures to ensure safety and protection of both the customers and their collectors. LaundryHeap will collect and deliver your clothing to a location of your choice.

They Will Keep You Updated

Through their mobile, tracking the collector’s location, estimated pick-up and delivery times, is a breeze. En route to your address, you may also contact the riders SMS or call. They even send you emails so you’re update every step of the way.

You can find their price list HERE:


After we heard of this new service, we immediately tried it and downloaded the app. It’s the same as most apps: simple, easy to navigate, and doesnt require too much information from their users.

On the day of the laundry pickup, they will also notify you via sms and email, and you will be able to track the driver via the app. And they just right within the mentioned pickup time which is really nice!

And what’s best about this service app is that aside from the FREE pickup and delivery, you’ll get your laundy within 24 hours! That’s really fast compared to the usual neighborhood laundry service which you have to deliver and pickup yourself and would take around 2-3 days to be available.

They even gave us FREE laundry bag for our next order! Hope this true for all their clients.

While the pickup was short of few minutes compared to the mentioned time in the app, we dont see any problem about it. The local laundry shop staff was courteous (far from the poster guy you would see on the website, hehehe).

Overall, its the 24 hour service, free pickup and delivery, easy to use app, and cashless payment system, that really impressed us. VERY GOOD ALTERNATIVE FOR EVERYONE!

DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW and schedule the first pickup of your laundry with LAUNDRYHEAP.

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