INK CAFE: Korean-Inspired Black and White Coffeeshop in Qatar

Enter a webtoon world and relive a popular digital comic character where many popular Kdramas are inspired, the likes of Cheese In The Trap (2016), My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (2018), What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018), and Itaewon Class (2020), to name a few (click here for more).

These black and white cafes have been very popular since the opening of a tiny Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 (called YND239-20 in English) located in an unassuming brick building in Mapu-gu in Seoul, South Korea (click here for more).

Here in Qatar, we also discovered a black and white cafe located in Lusail Marina Food Park – called INK CAFE. They’ve been here for quite a while and their first Instagram entry was in August 2019. We discovered them on social media early this year but it wasn’t until lately that we had the urge to really visit them as we are having a feed theme on Instagram (Korean theme for this week – click here to follow us on Instagram).

Here’s what’s inside the trendy cafe that look like 2D cartoon:

Given the fun-filled design and delightful use of optical illusion, it’s no wonder why this café has quickly become trending on our latest post and “a must-visit for decor-loving Instagrammers”.

ink café | انك كافيه

Lusail Marina:
Sat – Thur : 6 am – 2 am
Fri : 4 pm – 2 am

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