2020 IN REVIEW: The Year That Was

To say that 2020 is one of the most challenging times in our lifetime would be an understatement. No one was spared… all people around the world was affected. As a content creator, we took this as opportunity to use our medium of influence to spread information, entertainment, and inspiration.

1st quarter

We opened the year with our BEST LIFE QATAR Reader’s Choice Award.

We also rolled out our first session of our TALK SERIES outside the content creator circle. As an offshoot of our Reader’s Choice which gave recognition to popular Filipino companies in Qatar, we’ve invited a few Filipino entrepreneurs to teach them how to maximize the use of social media in their business.

Little did we know that social media will be a most powerful weapon for what could be the biggest war that mankind will ever face in this generation.

2nd quarter

The world literally stopped. Many of us are stuck in our homes. So we released a lot of useful blogs that will be helpful to all our readers.

·       How to work from home

·       Online Food Delivery Services in Qatar: Working double-time to meet the demands

·       BLESSING IN DISGUISE: A Positive Lifestyle Change

·       KEEP SAFE FROM COVID-19: Tips on how to be productive at home

·       CANCELED VACATIONS: How to cope up and move on?

·       THE NEW NORMAL: Embracing a New Lifestyle [Life After COVID-19]

3rd quarter

When businesses and companies felt the effect of the pandemic, many expats turn to home business as an alternative source of income. We saw the rise of online businesses and took this as an opportunity to help in their promotion.

Also, another virus has hit a lot of people – it’s called PLANT-DEMIC. As a source of enjoyment, relaxation, and even alternative source of food and medicine, many of us became PLATITOS AND PLATITAS.

Aside from plants, many people also turned essential oilers

 Also, schools have turned to “Virtual Education System” | The Dilemma of Working Parents in Qatar

4th quarter

Late part fo 3rd quarter until the present, may businesses in Qatar started to open up as the government slowly ease up restrictions in work places, public places, malls and restaurants and more.

This is also our time to support the hotels, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores by promoting their offers and slowly reintroducing dine-ins and staycations the “new normal” way.

·       INK CAFE: Korean-Inspired Black and White Coffeeshop in Qatar

·       QOKIO QATAR: A place to satisfy your cravings for S.Korean street food

·       Delicious Local Qatari Food Delivered by Talabat


For Best Life Qatar Youtube Channel, we refused to go with the flow and we decided went ahead of the pack with the introduction of our SHORTS DOCUMENTARIES. We also got admitted to Youtube Program and saw our views picking up to the 1000 views per video. As an influencer, we tried our first step to entering the e-commerce world with the introduction of our first official merchandise.   

And while, everyone of us are excited to for major celbrations in our life, we opted to have a virtual party of our daughter’s 7th birthday – a milestone for families and for a young girl turning to be a young girl.

·       Jasmine Edenritz’s 7th Birthday at the Ritz: Ritz Carlton Doha and Sharq Village and Spa

Same goes with our online Holiday celebrations – a phenomenon which saw the rise of zoom app as one of the most used app globally.

2020 is indeed a year to remember for its global effect in people’s lives, in economy, and in the way we do things. The challenge this 2021 is how we turn our lessons from 2020 a springboard to #liveourbestlife… for your loved ones and for others.

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