YALLA TOYS QATAR: 5 Great Ways To Nurture 360° Personality Development of your child

Parenting can be so much more fun if we know exactly what our child needs at which stage of development. We’ve compiled 5 great areas to focus upon to ensure your child enjoys a comprehensive development that comes full cycle.

1. Physical:

Physical development starts from the toddler stage and continues all the way into adulthood. As parents, we must ensure our child gets the right toys/ activities at the right time to benefit the most. Right from rattlers, teethers, and colorful sensory toys, the child must engage with sights, sounds, and different touch sensations to explore the world around them. As they grow, games and toys must be tailored around specific core areas like hand, leg, and torso strength. From cycling to ride-ons, outdoor sports equipment like trampoline, swings, slides, pool accessories is known to be great physique development activities. Swimming is also a great fun exercise that builds and nurtures 360-degree all-round physical development of a child. For teenagers, engaging in basketball and football is a goldmine for whole body workout and muscle development. These high-intensity sports also help increase stamina, endurance, and improves hand-eye-foot coordination skills and balance.


2. IQ & STEM learning:

STEM is an education type that is based on hands-on learning and interactive teamwork. It helps shape a child into a well-rounded adult with the optimal balance in IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ). Children learn methodologies to practically apply science, technology, engineering, and math to day-to-day life scenarios. This helps them evolve into innovators and problem solvers. Children who are STEM educated also tend to be forward thinkers.
Here are some top benefits of STEM:

STEM firstly doesn’t discriminate; it’s designed for all children regardless of their socioeconomic status or IQ. It also keeps children engaged to the point they’re retaining information as much as 20% higher than their peers. In other words, it’s a structured play where teachers provide open-ended questions allowing kids to explore and learn from their mistakes. Lastly, STEM is skill based too. Kids will develop communication skills effectively which are just as important as technical knowledge in a particular field or academic subject.

Summarizing the above, we find STEM is about learning how to use tools we have around us to solve problems effectively. It’s a mixture of creativity and practicality.

Children educated through STEM:
Properly communicate: Learn how to efficiently communicate problems and solutions effectively
Develop empathy: Understand social cues, body language, and how to respond appropriately
Critically think: Apply this skill to all different scenarios
Be a leader: With a balance in knowing when to participate as a team member
Learn from failure: Children don’t give up; they work through their problems mistakes to be successful
There are different categories of toys available in Qatar that are into education/learning as well as IQ developing games & puzzles. There are also great options for science & discovery, pre-school learning & brain-engaging activity tables. Encouraging your child to play such games will increase their concentration, memory power, and logical/ reasoning abilities. These extra-curricular activities go a long way in improving academic curricular performance as well.


3. Social skills:

Outdoor sports and multi-player indoor games are crucial in building social skills among children. Games like Chess, Jenga are a great way to bond over and beneficial to IQ as well. Outdoor games like basketball, football and even camping out can help build social skills. Considering how 2020 had been with all its stress and blues, let’s make 2021 lighter on our kids and enable them to be productively engaged and socially vibrant.

Playing group sports also provides a great opportunity for kids to build lasting friendships with teammates. Participating in a team sport also stresses the importance of working together in a team to achieve the sporting team goals and be supportive of each other. Group games also teach kids the importance of communication skills, the virtue of listening to one another, and the effectiveness of productive teamwork.


4. Creativity & Out-of-the-box thinking

In addition to physical, mental, and social development, children can also improve their creativity and thought processes. There are numerous toys and games specially crafted bearing this in mind. Be it Arts & Crafts: draw & paint, clay & dough, craft sets, books & stickers, special kits for fashion, art and science, easels & desks. Apart from these, there’s also the construct & play category: Lego & bricks, stacking toys & mega block sets. These games are split and cataloged based on age, gender, and relevance so that you can pick the right one suitable to your needs.

Motivating kids to play these creative games will broaden the horizon of their thought and imagination and enable them to come up with a not-so-routine thought process. As these games, gently push them out of their comfort zones, kids are gently prodded to innovate, improvise and exceed the boundary limitations hindering them. This is absolutely crucial to nurture tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, academicians, and innovators of society like Elon Musk.


5. Roleplay/ Life Goals

Would you believe that kids have access to roleplay toys & accessories these days that are not only entertaining but also builds life goals? From doctor sets to pilot uniforms, kids have an amazing range of products that double up as life dreams. Other categories include kitchen sets— for budding & aspiring chefs, food, household, shopping, workshop, dress up, playsets, and even toolsets for aspiring mechanics and engineers.


Nowadays, shopping for toys online is just child’s play in Qatar. One such pioneer e-commerce platform is Yalla Toys. Here’s why you should download the brand new Yalla Toys app now!


Shopping for toys is a delight for children but can be quite a headache for parents. Why go through the hassle when you can easily shop online, and have it delivered right at your doorstep? You can do just that with the brand-new mobile app of Qatar’s favorite online toy store, Yalla Toys! Wondering how to conveniently shop children’s toys with just a few clicks? Here are 6 reasons why you should download Yalla Toys App!

1. Find what you are looking for quicker:

If you have previously ordered from the Yalla Toys website before, the mobile app would be still more familiar. All the features you loved from the online store are available in Yalla Toys app as well.

Wish to be updated on the latest toy releases? Yalla Toys app has a “New Arrival Carousel”, so you’ll always be in the know.

Are you scanning for the best deals? Just check out the “Latest Offers” section to find out all the brands with select promotions. Remember, the early bird catches the worm, so always check out this section so you won’t miss out on the coolest App exclusive offers!

There’s even a section for “Trending Products” and “Featured Products”, so you are on top of what’s popular right now!

2. Clean interface with eye-catching crisp visuals:

With the app’s clean and quick interface, you can quickly see what matters most to you. You can shop by relevance: gender, age, usage, and more. The app’s eye-catching crisp visuals will even bring out the inner kid in adults.

3. Cool app features to help you shop:

You can easily filter products by Shipping, Price, Brands, Skills, Gender, Character, Age, Tags, and Size. You can even sort by price and relevance. Tap the heart icon to add a product to your Wish List or hit the paper-plane button to share it. Additionally, you can also view detailed product descriptions and verified reviews to help you make an informed decision.

4. Extensive portfolio of prominent international brands:

Yalla Toys has a wide selection of products from well-loved brands – from Lego, Barbie, Vtech, Little Tikes, Crayola, Playgro, LOL Surprise, Tiny Love, and so much more! You can find all the brands in the bottom section of the app.

5. Toys for all ages:

Yalla Toys has an all-inclusive collection of age-appropriate, relevant and safety-certified products, and innovative toys thoughtfully crafted for 360°all-around child development. You can also find the toys categorized into education and learning, electronics, games and puzzles, animal collection, arts and crafts, kids’ furniture, construct and play, and roleplay.

6. Free shipping and free returns:

You don’t have to worry about additional charges because you won’t be charged any delivery fee when you check out your cart! Yalla Toys also guarantees free returns and safe transactions because the app is THEQA approved through Q-Pay. Want to pay by COD instead? You can pay upon receiving your goodies!
So, what are you waiting for? Whip out your phone, download the brand new Yalla Toys app, and scroll through pure bliss. Save yourself time and stress in finding that perfect toy!

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