It is definitely a challenging time for many. But some saw these as opportunities to turn their hidden talents and abilities to a business and job opportunity. Here are some of the in-demand jobs that I recently discovered and are becoming popular especially during this pandemic.


Paki-mine lang po ang code.” We hear that always when we’re watching online sellers during their “LIVE” selling sessions usually on Facebook.  And I recently came to know that some even go for auditions to get these job especially for big e-commerce companies who are now maximizing the use of social media and other online platforms to generate more sales.

So if you have what it takes to engage with online viewers and buyers, then you might want to consider this as well. In Qatar, I’m not sure if there’s a demand for these talents yet but maybe, if someone will approach online sellers and offer their services, this could be an opportunity for both of them.

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With the lockdown brought by the pandemic, a lot of people are stuck at home and may tuned in to all forms of media to entertain themselves. Aside from movies and online sales platforms, we saw that a lot of people are more engaged in YOUTUBE than ever before. Many celebrities who became vloggers are sharing their daily activities with their fans. Even in this case, OG vloggers are still much in demand with brands for less expensive and relatability to their viewers.

We sometimes hear them mention having a team or an editor who help them out. And while some of them may be good at creating content, editing the videos are altogether a different skillset that you need to learn and enhance. For beginners, it’s really a time-consuming task.

So, to all video editors out there, this could be your chance. In Qatar, there are local influencers and even brands who seek the help of creative people to do these tasks for them. Just be able to advertise yourself on social media so people can contact you.

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Same as video editors, another in-demand job in many industries are Graphic Designers, especially for promotion and marketing purposes. Though it has been a long time practice even prior to pandemic, we saw that more and more opportunities are opening up for this sector even overseas.

I recently watched a vlog where you can actually earn dollars by simply erasing the background of a photo. That’s actually super easy and you can earn income even at home. I came to learn also that you can advertise your service on a site called where all other services are made available for companies and industries.

Want to explore this now? Watch the vlog here:

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Since I’ve been making vlog watching a part of my daily routine, I came to know a successful Amazon Virtual Assistant who is making a career out of it. I didn’t expect it to be a lucrative industry with professional trainings even required before you can become one. I also didn’t know that there’s even classifications including voice and non-voice virtual assistants. So it’s really quite interesting.

So if you’re also interested in this, you might want to explore a lot of online resources for information on Virtual Assistants. These could be good job opportunities for stay-at-home moms/parents or those who are looking for alternative jobs during these times.

Watch the vlog here:

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When classes turned virtual, a lot of students are finding it difficult to absorb all the learnings that they get from their online classes. Aside from focus, being alone without interaction and supervision are some of the keys that make this type of learning a little less effective.

So, some might need help from another online friend – an online tutor, who can give extra study assistance to our children. Since we are trying to limit face to face interaction, a virtual tutor can reinforce whatever the students learned from their online classes. Given a short period of class hours, some topics may be too fast for them to comprehend. And for busy parents, this could just be another alternative that you can consider if you don’t have time to research/study their lessons too.

Again, advertising yourself on social media may be a good way for people to know that you are accepting freelance jobs.

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There you go, I hope that you have picked up some helpful information and ideas from our latest blog. If you want to add more to the list, please feel free to comment down below.

While we have announced in our last vlog that we are having a break from YOUTUBE, we will definitely continue our first love for writing feature contents, even postings on social media that are helpful and insightful to our readers.

Thank you for your continued support to BEST LIFE QATAR. Stay safe BEST-friends!


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