An avid foodie’s TIPS to Improve On Social Media Marketing (PART1)

We’re writing not as a PRO food reviewer or business analyst but as a regular customer who wants to share some insights on how businesses can possibly improve their operations. While running this survey project for 3 years now and giving recognition to popular Filipino brands in Qatar, we at BLQ really hopes to be a helpful ally of Filipino entrepreneurs through our social media experience and as an avid foodie and a family blogger. We consider this as our social responsibility and our humble contribution and commitment to the community.

Just before we open the voting lines for this year’s edition of BEST LIFE QATAR READERS CHOICE starting the 15th of January 2022, allow us to impress our objectives and share some helpful insights to further encourage improvements and further excellence.


Taking advantage of the FREE online platform is the wisest strategy that any business will take especially in this age where people are highly dependent on technology. Identifying which platform to prioritize takes an effort to do a study on which social media platform are being used by your target market or, which audience or sector of the society or market you want to explore and penetrate: Filipinos maybe highly engaged on Facebook and Youtube, but other nationalities are active on Instagram or Tiktok.

It’s also good to consider your available time for this activity since managing a social media account isn’t easy: from planning your content, scheduling your posts, and taking beautiful photos. Check out our Instagram post regarding this.


In fact, there are already a few Filipino restaurants who are already doing this. But we want to highlight on many others who are yet to acknowledge the need to be highly engaging with their online customers.

Our social media work doesn’t end by just being present but also by being responsive. As in anything in life, gratitude is almost always synonymous to the kind of brand or image you want to project. Check out our Instagram post regarding this.


This is the very reason for the term INSTAGRAMMABLE: being viral on social social media due to its visual appeal. And many industries like fashion and food bank highly on this idea. Even the use of influencer marketing has been popular due to this (we will explore about this on Part2 of our series).

Packaging and presentation is one factor that would make or break a brand. On social media, it’s always about first impression. It’s already a given that food quality should be prioritized, but when a product couldn’t speak for its taste, the way they are presented speak volume for its worth. Check out our Instagram post regarding this.

And yes, we will have Part 2 for this series of suggestions and tips which we hope many businesses can relate to and will find helpful for their operations. It is not our objective to discredit anyone but only to bring out the big potential that Filipino businesses can do to compete in Qatar market.

In line with our ongoing BEST LIFE QATAR READERS CHOICE 2022, we are inviting everyone in the Filipino community to help us identify more Filipino owned businesses so we can recognize them and help promote in our social media. Simply comment your nominated companies on any of our posts (Facebook, Instagram or in our blogsite


    1. hello. sorry for the late reply. but our nomination is already closed and we are already halfway thru the voting process. Lets see on the 5th season next year (subject to meeting the requirements that the company i owned by a FILIPINO partner). Please click the link and try voting mam/sir so you will also get familiar how it works. THANKS A LOT!

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