An avid foodie’s TIPS to Improve On Social Media Marketing (PART2)

We continue our series in line with BEST LIFE QATAR READERS CHOICE 2022. And for this segment, we would like to talk about prospect of Filipino businesses in Qatar by highlighting the vision of this project which is to provide insights and inspirations to Filipino entrepreneurs.


The BEST NEW COMER is one of the highly contested category during the last two seasons. This year, the MOST POPULAR NEW COMER will be divided into two: Food and Non-Food categories to give recognition to new businesses who were brave enough to face the challenges of the pandemic and started their operations in 2021.

Some of them started from scratch, some of them started as home-business until they find their way to opening their own physical stores.


In the world of social media, a good store aesthetics play an important part. Oftentimes, what drives most customers to a particular restaurant are posts that they see on social media. Most people would come to know about a new courier company, a gym, a clinic, or a ticketing office thru social media.

That’s how powerful it is. That is why many companies take into heart the aesthetics of their business as a visual representation of their brand. It also gives an idea of the kind of experience a customer can expect during their visit. We also see a lot of Filipino brands expanding their operations and still maintaining their branding and image.


And when all things are in place, business owners still have the task of ensuring continuous product and strategy development. Changes in the market are as fast as change itself… and one has to keep up in order to stay afloat.

Indeed, the prospect of Filipino business in a foreign country is very vibrant. It’s not only to serve the need of fellow Filipinos in Qatar but also to introduce our pride products and services to other nationalities. We are even inspired that locals and other nationals even go into business to target the Filipino market – a testament of our buying power and the growing number of Filipinos in the country.

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