BLQ READERS CHOICE | Championing the Filipino Entrepreneurs in Qatar

In a few days, we will know who are our READERS CHOICE for 2022. But please allow us to highlight the very soul of what this project is all about.

Being in social media and meeting a lot of international brands (restaurants, hotels, apparel brands, etc), I couldn’t help but share my insights so our own community can keep up if not excel better than our counterparts.

In my own little way, we also allow new businesses to use our platform for promotion not only within the community (FACEBOOK) but also to other nationalities in the country (INSTAGRAM).

And so while we are busy doing our annual survey project, we still inserted few things to make it more meaningful… like a seed planted that’s bound to grow in time.


After campaigning and voting for our favorite brands to win, let’s also do the same in promoting their stores to earn. Want to know how we can help businesses without shelling out a penny? Here’s how:

Let’s give our FULL SUPPORT to our friends who are doing business. Visit their social media page. A simple LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE will surely go a long way in the promotion and sales of their products or services. Let’s spread some LOVE TODAY! #BestLifeQatarReadersChoice2022


As we strive for our humble blog to grow as big as other mainstream media companies in Qatar, we seek the help of the Filipino community to get us connected to other newly established Filipino-owned companies that are not yet included in our current set of nominees. Through this, we will also be able to update our records for the upcoming Readers Choice Seasons.

We would still love to meet everyone (especially those who did not meet the deadline for nomination this year)! asking all our readers to please introduce us to other FILIPINO-OWNED companies here in Qatar so we can include them in our list for next the season of Readers Choice (January 2023). You may comment their FB page LINKS in the comment section below or you can request them to email us directly. MARAMING SALAMAT po mga KABAYAN. #ProudPinoy


When I was starting all these, I thought of the idea that “while promoting other businesses through my social media, why not also help the businesses of my kabayans?” This way I will be able to put more meaning to what I’m doing as a content creator.

And this gave birth to many initiatives like #BLQWorkshops to help aspiring bloggers get a heads-up on content creation, #BestLifeQatarReadersChoice to promote Filipino-owned Businesses in Qatar, #SupportSmallBusiness to help home-based businesses survive during the pandemic, among others.

#LocalBusinesses are owned and operated by our neighbors or friends.. or even KABAYANS! Let’s use social media to promote these businesses and encourage new buyers/patrons as well as encourage improvements. Let’s support each other by giving each one a chance to realize a dream. #BestLifeQatarReadersChoice2022

Please watch out for the announcement of winners for this year’s BEST LIFE QATAR READERS CHOICE on my birthday: 22nd January 2022. Details to be posted on our social media:




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