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K-DRAMA REVIEW: All of Us Are Dead and how Hyosan High School was built from scratch

This is the newest section of our blog hinting at one of our reader’s requests to do a blog recommendation on recent K- dramas and series. Knowing the global popularity of K-culture, it’s inevitable to talk about what’s buzzing around Korean entertainment. I’m not a PRO when in comes to film review but i’ll do my best to research and give my personal take so as to give you exciting insights about the subject. Kamsahamnida yeorobun!

Yes, the recent Netflix series inspired by Joo Dong-geun’s webtoon Now At Our School is set to becoming another hit from Korea after the record-smashing Squid Game. Directed by Lee Jaekyoo who is also the director of popular series like Beethoven Virus (2008), The King 2 Hearts (2012) and more, ALL OF US ARE DEAD follows other popular Korean films of the same genre like Train To Busan (2016), Peninsula (2020), Alive (2020), and more. Although with so much twist, this latest series centers upon a zombie outbreak whose epicenter lies in a high school and students as the main characters making it interesting and fresh, as revealed by the Director in their [Behind the Scenes] Making a high school zombie apocalypse by The Swoon.


While, it’s on our list of series to watch after its Netflix release on January 28, we didn’t expect that it would suddenly pick up this much popularity and I have to rush finishing it over the weekend to respond to one of our reader’s timely request. But owing to the new concept that sets it apart from other zombie-genre series where the students are forced to fend for themselves with little help from outside, ALL OF US ARE DEAD will take you to the edge of your seats for most of its 12-episodes.

As the usual Korean drama being adored by interweaving plots beautifully creating a symphony of story lines, ALL OF US ARE DEAD is also the same: Politicians using extreme chaotic situations for their political advantage; teenage pregnancy; betrayal between friends, an athlete trying to enter the national team; teen-age love where the girl is attracted to his childhood friend’s best friend who was also in-love to their intelligent classmate – who was also trying to win the approval of her parent thru her grades; a parent’s love for their children who will try to save them after hearing about the apocalypse; and many more.

For me, the story centers around the issue of bullying and its effect on children and their parents: two classmates being harassed where the girl was being bullied on several occasions including being filmed nude and was later on threatened and blackmailed; and a science teacher who, after witnessing his son’s ordeal following his classmates’ bullying activities, was led to do an experiment that later became an outbreak.

The issue of school bullying in many countries are very serious that its shows layers of emotions like feeling of being unloved, the quest for superiority to shadow their inferiority, revenge, and more. I believe that many student viewers and parents will see ALL OF US ARE DEAD with deeper realization and sense of responsibility.


Interestingly, we also came to know that the main set used on this drama is not an actual school.  It was filmed entirely on a set that closely resemble a high school.


“Although there are some scenes that were filmed in a neighborhood, a big chunk of the story took place in an academy. It became the ground zero for the zombie virus outbreak and played an important part until the end of the show.” source: https://www.cosmo.ph/

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