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FIFA 2022 PRIMER by Best Life Qatar | Have you reserved your tickets yet?

8TH FEBRUARY 2022 is the last day of application for FIFA 2022 tickets which will be done through a random selection draw. Meaning, your ticket application does not guarantee the availability of tickets unless the demand for a given match and/or ticket category did not exceed the available ticket inventory for the domestic or international market.

If the ticket application is successful or partially successful (with only part of the requested tickets being allocated), the applicant will receive email communication with further information about payment, including the steps to follow and the deadline to pay for your tickets. Please take into consideration that one may apply for up to six (6) tickets per match with a maximum of sixty (60) tickets across the entire FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ competition, per postal address.


Here are some of the sample ticket prices:

INDIVIDUAL MATCH TICKETS (total of 64 matches)

The cheapest ticket is at QR250/QR600/QR800 while the most expensive ticket is at QR1,100/QR1,600/QR2,250 for the OPENING GAME on 21 November at Al Bayt Stadium. Prices also increase as the games reach the FINALS on 18 December at Lusail Stadium at QR2,200/QR3,650/QR5,850 respectively.

Note that the 3 ticket prices mentioned for every match represent the seat categories: YELLOW- Category1, RED- Category2, BLUE- Category3.

FOUR-STADIUM TICKETS (total of 14 Combo)

In this ticket series, there are 14 stadium combinations to choose from. Each one will feature 4 different stadiums where you can have a chance to watch 4 different matches (up to Group Stage only excluding Round of 16, quarter-finals up to finals matches).

DETAILS OF THE 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP STADIUMS (will be featured here in our next article)

TEAM SPECIFIC TICKETS (total of 32 Teams)

Initially, 3 matches will be played by each Team (TST3). When the Team advances, then TST4 and TST7 tickets will be required. Maybe (since we’re not a PRO to this, the availability of these tickets will be announced soon).

Here’s the sample of a Team Specific Ticket for Qatar:

Again, the price is already good for 3 matches (date, time and venue will be confirmed later). Full schedule to be confirmed after finals draw in April 2022.


Many of us, locals and ex-pats alike, are in full anticipation for this grandest spectacle to unfold right before our eyes. For years, some of us have worked with this dream project, while some even signed up to volunteer during the games months ahead.

For the first time, FIFA WORLD CUP will be taking place in Qatar in the winter months rather than the usual summer ones, due to the heat. It will be participated by 32 teams and is expected to draw more than 1.5 million fans from all over the world (as per pre-pandemic estimates). The tournament kicks off on November 21 at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor with a match that will feature the host country and the final match will be played at the Lusail Stadium in Doha a week before Christmas on December 18 in celebration of Qatar National Day.

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