From First Yaya to First Lady | My first GMA Pinoy TV Fun Con Experience

It surely came as a surprise to receive an invitation from GMA Pinoy TV to attend an Online Fan Event for GMA Subscribers | First Lady FunCon (Feb 18, 12NN Manila Time). Though without any background on showbiz coverage, we were honored to be selected as part of the press/overseas community. We are also excited to share with all our readers our first-ever showbiz media experience.

Before the event, I have to do some research in order to keep up with the flow of the program. It was a free online event via Zoom as an incentive for the loyalty and support of GMA PINOY TV‘s overseas subscribers. So as expected, there were lots of them present on the platform as well as those waiting on social media live stream that day. being an OFW for more than 10 years, it felt good to know that the local entertainment industry is still as energetic as this.

FIRST YAYA | Highest-rated TV series for 2021

Aired towards the end of the First Quarter of 2021, the show’s Season 1 opened with First Yaya directed by Direk LA Madridejos  – a light romantic, modern-fairy tale that eventually became GMA Network’s well-loved primetime series last year. In the title role of Yaya Melody was a new up-and-coming star in the person of Sanya Lopez who is expected to become one of GMA’s homegrown superstars because of her natural acting ability and beauty.

FIRST YAYA tells the aspirational story of an ordinary woman who gets to lead an extraordinary life as the nanny of the President’s children and along the way, falls for the country’s commander-in-chief. Aside from Lopez, the fans love the synergy among all the other cast members like veteran actor Gabby Conception playing the role of the President, Pancho Magno – a loyal member of the Presidential Security Group who fell deeply in love with Yaya Melody, Cassy Legaspi who played the role of the President’s daughter, Joaquin Domagoso – a student activist and critic of the President who unintentionally falls for Nina, among many others.

Saddened by a series of tragedies, the President was left lonely and grieving. Yaya Melody came to the family to focus on the children who were neglected by their busy father. A master-servant love story between an older man and a younger woman is a tried and tested formula in Philippine rom-com series. It always gives the viewers a sense of hope and a timely relief during the time of pandemic. But the whole cast ensemble brought new life and energy to its story along with personal romance, political betrayals, and plot twists that made many followers of First Yaya glued up to its last episode… and even asking for more.

The series concluded on July 2, 2021 with a total of 78 episodes becoming one of the highest-rated TV series for 2021.

FIRST LADY | First Yaya No More!

As a sequel to the hit series FIRST YAYA, FIRST LADY opened during Valentines Day – February 14 almost seven months after the First Yaya ended. It still follows the story of President Glen and Yaya Melody who got married during the Season 1 finale. Full SUMMARY here.

The new addition to the cast includes Alice Dixon who will play the role of an attorney and former love interest of President Acosta, as well as Kapuso star Rocco Nacino, according to some reports – both are expected to give intense performances and will add flavor to the successful series.

FIRST LADY Fun Con for GMA Pinoy TV Subscribers

The exclusive virtual “First Lady FunCon” was held on February 18, 12 NN (Manila time) via Zoom for all GMA Pinoy TV’s new and existing subscribers.

Fans and members of the press were given a chance to ask questions to the cast members. There were also trivia games and most importantly some behind-the-scenes stories from the stars themselves.

Some of the things that fans are excited to see in this sequel are the developments in the married life of The First Couple, how the character of Ms. Dixon affects the romance between Melody and President Glen, will there be a romance blossoming between Cassie and Joaquin’s character, and more.

As the 2022 Presidential election in the Philippines is fast approaching, the show is also a timely reminder to exercise our right to vote and to choose the right candidates who will run the government.

Special thanks to GMA International for giving BEST LIFE QATAR this great opportunity. To subscribe to GMA PINOY TV, please contact OSN in Qatar | or call +9714 367 7870 for details.


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