My DROPSHIPPING Journey | Top Dropshipping Companies in the Philippines and Other Tips (Part3)

In continuation of our series regarding Dropshipping, let me show you the TOP 3 DROPSHIPPING COMPANIES in the Philippines today. I have tried some of them but I would leave it to you to choose which one is the best in terms of package, products, and process.

DROPIFY is the first-ever cash-on-delivery (COD) dropshipping company in the country. โ€“ Dropify was able to make dropshipping simple.


Facebook Page:

Check their complete product catalogs here. They have Sneaker Head, Sidekicks, Everwear (shoes and apparel); Sleep Essentials (bedsheet, etc); Babywise (mommy and baby products); Superdeal & Superstore (Branded Consumer Products); All About Kitchen, and TVsoria.

Catalog price starting from Php 6,500 per month, payment upon subscription and Lazada or Shopee store turnover after 3-5 days usually.

BILIS BENTA is an automated dropshipping platform and fulfillment company that helps people save time and money. BilisBenta simplifies your dropshipping business by allowing you to build and deliver products on Lazada or Shopee platform in an easy way.


Facebook Page:

Check their complete product catalogs here. They have Home Blends & Store Culture (home & living); Pro Sneakers (shoes); Prettify (health & beauty); Garage Works (motor & car accessories); Cosy Tot & Bag Lab (mom, baby, kids, & toys); Smart Living & Office 365 (home, office, & school supplies); and 3 Starter Packages.

Catalog price starting from Php 2,499 per month, payment upon subscription and Lazada or Shopee store turnover after 3-5 days usually.

INSPIRE DROPSHIPPING PHILIPPINES is the new kid on the block, IDP (Inspire Dropshipping Philippines) was created to provide ๐™๐™๐™€๐™€ information about the E-commerce Space to anyone willing to learn.


Facebook Page:

Check their product catalogs here. You have to login in order to access these page.

Package Price starting from Php 2,500 per month, payment upon subscription and Lazada or Shopee store turnover after 3-5 days usually.

Aside from Dropify, Bilis Benta, and Inspire, there are many other dropshipping companies that you can also consider. You can search them online and check the offer and system that you think will work for you.


Be careful in choosing your package. Getting familiar with product inclusion is really very important- it should be at least related to each other so it won’t be difficult to market and you can create a better image for your brand: is it for shoes, for home essentials, or for consumer goods, etc.

Sometimes I play by ear – which one is saleable among my peers and if I’m willing to learn about it if I’m not familiar. Just like when we ventured into bedsheets just before taking a break, I don’t know much about linens and other stuff but since it is very saleable (as per the chatgroup of fellow dropshippers), I tried to learn it and realized that it’s even better than my previous winning items – zero cancellation, big profit margin!

But while I believe that having many products will offer a variety of options in your store, I don’t believe that you will be able to sell all of them – not even 50%!

So you just need to carefully form batches of winning items that you think will be saleable or eye-catching to your customers. By doing it in batches, you sell the first few items first, and just before you run out of inventory, slowly introduce your second batch of winning products.

I remember, my very first winning item is a women’s shoe that was worth 185 pesos only. And we were able to sell more than a hundred units of it in one month! I even have less than 50 pesos profit for this but that helped increase my store’s popularity in Lazada. When an item becomes saleable and popular, it usually lands on the first page of the platform when they search for keywords like “women’s shoes”, etc.

As we open new stores, we followed the same principle of promoting the WINNING ITEMS first – when advertising on Lazada, when joining campaigns, and even when giving promotions. This way, it gives us focus and clearer direction.


My background in sales (previous work) and economics (in university) really helped me a lot in this part of the game. The need for a proper record of operations is necessary in order to:

  1. Easily monitor the movement of your product – which items are selling or not selling
  2. Easily monitor if the market is responding to your promotion or not (then change or create a new one)
  3. Easily monitor if you still have remaining stocks, is there a way for them to be replenished, or you should introduce a new set of winning items
  4. Know if you are earning or not (considering all your expenses)
  5. Know if you are ready for expansion or you need to slow down your operation or even consider changing your product line/market.

Without a record, you will not be able to understand objectively the entire operation of your business. Keeping a good record helps you monitor your progress and make sound decisions for your business.

While Im trying my best not to publicly expose the business on my social media, I just couldnt help but post a teaser for record/remembrance… that at some point, I was able to make it good. Just like now, that i needed to have some snaps… at least i could go back to my old IG stories ๐Ÿ™‚


Learning never stops. Your daily operations will always include notifications from either Lazada or Shopee regarding their regular training sessions. Make sure to always enlist and attend. Being updated and yearning to always learn new things are few of the traits of successful people (not only as a successful businessman).

The moment you stop learning and the moment you thought you know it all is the start of your downfall. So never underestimate the power of new ideas. No matter how repetitive it may sound, there will always be something that you can take away from every session. Even sometimes, the most eye-opening ones are during the Question and Answer segments.

Here, I’m attending a paid Facebook marketing seminar. I always try to attend any FREE seminar there is (especially thru Lazada and Shopee). But there are strategy seminars that are also very interesting so I also take advantage of it. TO ACTIVATE “BUSINESS MODE” – I even spend time in hotel lobbies for these online sessions esp during weekends.
Here, I shared one of our old Lazada stores selling merch from my wife’s favorite vlogger.


While I believe that e-commerce is not for everybody, I also know that I’ve only covered a small part of this business for this series. There’s still a lot more to learn about Lazada or Shopee, Facebook Marketing, Branding and Product Promotion, and more.

But this series is only meant to give an introduction to everyone who is considering starting up a business that’s less risky, where you will learn a lot, and possibly you can consider as your backup plan for the future.

I will try to insert more business-related content in the future and if you have questions, please feel free to comment down below and we will be glad to answer them (no PM or DM so everyone can also learn from the Q&As).

Happy Selling!

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