BASKETBALL AND POLITICS: What a week it was!

MAY 13, 2022 – FRIDAY | In UAAP Men’s Basketball, the arena was filled with spectators, and seats were filled with blue and maroon. It was the winner-take-all Game 3 match between UP and Ateneo aptly called BATTLE OF THE KATIPUNAN. In the dying seconds of the game, the last shot was fired by Cagulangan of UP Fighting Maroons… almost 2.1 seconds remaining in the overtime game. BOOM! UP became the Champions of Season 84 Men’s Basketball.

I was quick to check Twitter and saw some interesting posts:

Barry Gutierrez is the spokesperson of Vice President Leni Robredo

And people can’t get over the “Friday the 13th” coincidence:

This is a historic moment for UP that ended a 36-year basketball title drought since 1986 – the same year when Ferdinand Marcos Sr won the snap election but was eventually toppled by a widow over election fraud. Fast-forward to 2022, Ferdinand Marcos Jr was elected as President over another widow.

On the same day, VP Leni who lost the election by a wide margin, gathered her supporters for a thanksgiving rally in Ateneo and this happened:

BREAKING: Leni Robredo to launch Angat Buhay NGO, campaign vs disinformation and historical revisionism through the what she calls the “widest volunteer network in the history of the country.” – Philippine Star

May 9, 2022 – MONDAY (REWIND) | The majority of the Filipinos have spoken, “Marcos (led) with over about 31 million votes, more than double that of his closest rival, Vice President Leni Robredo”, according to CNN Philippines report.

Amidst some minor glitches in the proceedings, many still considered the May 9, 2022 elections as generally successful. We also saw the fast transmission of election results just a few hours after the closing of the voting precincts. Unlike before, we immediately saw the figures of the elected leaders with others being caught in shock and disbelief, and many in jubilation. And of course, social media is partying.


The night before the election, my heart asked me to write this on Facebook while my mind is still battling with hope. I wrote in advance to see who will win: my heart or my mind?

I realized that campaigning for national election is not only a 90-day event but MUST go as early as months or years in order to establish a brand image, plan out an organized political strategy, and build a network of defenders. Some came “very well prepared”. Some came too short too late to do so many things with so little… that even a good reputation or a long list of accomplishments can do so much. Just like a fortified city is not built overnight… a heart too will not yield so easy… no amount of cry, nor emotion, nor wit can topple. A new lover can’t change the mind of someone who has already decided to love another… that’s how personal it has become. BUT just like in a crucial game of a basketball series, the game isn’t over ’til it’s over. When two best teams come to face their #OneBigFight… with their legions roaring with cheers… only God knows who will win. We’re at the edge of our seats… we just close our eyes and pray…. MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN! And hopefully, after this, we can just clap and offer our hands to others and say… it was a game well played (regardless). Because at the end of a FINALS GAME, we still have our own lives to live… for some maybe broken relationships to heal… I really hope it’s this easy to say. #PUSO #PILIPINAS


Waking up the day after the election (although I’ve been monitoring the events even the night before), I knew I have to burst this out. And i posted:


The final buzzer has rung, and the clock finally hits 00:00… (in a slow mo) half of the gallery is rejoicing, embracing each other in victory… while half of the crowd is still in shock… tears flowing in disbelief. (Then back to normal motion) reality kicks in… confetti were thrown into the air… we have a new PRESIDENT. Though it is still early and the results are still #unofficial (and still for verification), fact is… this is the rule of the game. MAJORITY WINS… may it be 51% vs 49% or close to what we now believe, 56% vs 23% as the surveys say. And those who will clap and stretch out their hands first earn the “respect of many” and display the highest level of character we call SPORTSMANSHIP.

The call for UNITY begins today… it’s the challenge for the majority if they will just keep the victory among themselves (exclusivity) or embrace others in a quest for inclusivity and wholeness. Also, the clamor for RIGHT GOVERNANCE and UPLIFTING THE LIVES OF EVERYONE does not end in losing an election but it’s also in knowing that RESPECT begins when we show others the real meaning of RADICAL LOVE.

There’s more to learn from this…

(Assuming all things at the moment are what it seems to be… gawin lang natin yung pagiging MAHINAHON on both sides. It doesn’t make anyone better when we mock a loser, and it doesn’t make our cause higher when we invalidate someone’s victory.)

VIRTUAL HUGS TO ALL FILIPINOS! Hindi tayo dapat ang nag-aaway away. And totoong kalaban ay ang (pagsugpo sa) KAHIRAPAN, (pagpapanatili ng) KALAYAAN, at (pagpapalaganap ng) KATOTOHANAN.


Time and time again, we all NEVER learned:

First, i hope humuhupa na ang tension kahit paano. Our prayer is that everyone will continue to be patient and calm as we wait for the finality of our election. Let everything take its course.

Secondly, while it is always nice and noble to fight for something greater than us (really amazing to see passion and volunteerism at work)… it’s also good to try our best to better ourselves by applying everyday lessons in our lives. This election has taught us many things:

1. Long preparation is the key

2. Patience is a virtue

3. (Take advantage) Use technology and information well

4. It’s better to be always ahead and consistent with our motives

5. Hurtful words won’t help you send your message across

Know what really matters to you, your family, and your career. Let’s pride ourselves on lessons that will make us better for our (own life) future. This goes for everyone… all colors… EVERYONE.

I thought I could wait for the final proclamation until I end this series. But it seems like we’re just waiting for formality, we already know that it’s over.

I was just happy to be able to keep a record of my thoughts. Expressed in written forms for few readers who have the patience to read boring notes. Moreso, it was for my sake… as a selfish effort to remain silent, even though my heart is bursting with million words to say. But I’d rather not speak (or reply on social media), not even tried correcting an obvious lie. I decided not to take part in any debates… I decided to be decent… though I don’t know if I really won?

May 13, 2022
UP defeats Ateneo, 72-69 (OT)

COVER IMAGE: from the UAAP Official Facebook Page:

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