IL MERCATO by Deli Kitchen: A New Streetfood Experience at Al Messila Resort Doha

It’s almost the weekend! And what’s exciting to do in Doha during week breaks than plan for a food trip. And we discovered a nice dining concept that’s becoming popular on social media lately – MERCATO by Deli Kitchen at Al Messila Resort Doha.

MERCATO will take you on a journey of flavors through the most authentic street food markets from around the world. This is definitely not your ordinary street food experience. From East to West, they have different sections that you will surely love (COMPLETE MENU HERE):

ORGANIC FARMS | choices: local farm salad, burrata salad, or avocado bruschetta

TOASTIE CORNER | choices: focaccia sandwich, homemade pastrami sandwich, or potato masala sandwich

CANTONE STREET | choices: dim sum, short rib gua bao, or stir-fried noodles

SHIBUYA CROSSING | choices: selection of sushi or poke bowl

THE TIME SQUARE | choices: beef satay, pepes, tandoori, lamb machboos, shimp vindaloo, or minestrone with gruyer crostino

BELLA NAPOLI | choices: margherita pizza, quattro formaggi pizza, or pizza al taglio

THE SWEET CORNER | choices: umm ali, maritozzi, Japanese sponge cake, teppanyaki ice cream, or shawarma ice cream

The fun starts when you hit the entrance. Tickets must be purchased (1 ticket = 1 food item) and prices start at: min QR125 per person – 3 tickets, QR150 – 4 tickets, QR200 – 6 tickets (additional ticket QR50). Your group can share the tickets and can be used when you order any food items in each station.

Remember that school fair feeling? That’s exactly what you’ll experience at MERCATO that’s why it’s super fun! We only used 6 tickets for our food (3 pax) and added 2 tickets for the desserts. But it’s really up to you how much food you want.

This newest dining concept is available only at the Deli Kitchen of Al Messila Resort Doha from Friday to Wednesday | 6:30pm – 10:30pm

So if you’re ready for an authentic street food experience, grab your family or foodie friends, buy your tickets at the counter and explore specialties from all over the world!

For inquiries & reservations, you may call 44450000 or WhatsApp 55059901.

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