Some of my RECENT GO-TO VLOGGERS for content inspiration

Well, it’s not always that content creators feel motivated to do something. Oftentimes, we also find ourselves “feeling” unmotivated especially during lul moments when there are no brand schedules… or even in the middle of a hectic week where we are swamped with so much editing works, and posting schedules.

In fact, those who are doing content creation on a full-time basis also feel the same way.

But for me, it’s not the feeling of being “unmotivated” that makes me feel down. But since social media is a very competitive and very fast-paced environment, I felt at times that I needed to always do more, or push further. And I know that for sure (not that I’m blaming my full-time work, but I’m acknowledging that I need to work harder).

To be honest, I haven’t tried Tiktok since I thought that having my INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK PAGE, my BLOG SITE, and my family YOUTUBE CHANNEL are more than enough to keep me busy. I thought that I don’t need to be everywhere or to do everything to make myself and my brand relevant. I just need to be better at what I do… at the least.

However, it still gets me a bit worried at times. Doing it repeatedly can get boring and could probably lose the interest of my followers. Especially since many people are already doing the same thing, panning the same way, and taking the same photos the same way… then it really gets a little frustrating. Lots of new content creators are also coming out (which is a good thing, except for those who have a different motivation for doing so).

So when I find myself searching for new techniques, new ideas, and new things to explore… I turn on to the same microcosm that keeps my creativity and sanity intact – YOUTUBE. And gladly, I almost always discover some new people who are challenging me at some point. And they are the ones who made me push harder to be better.

Sharing with you some of the vloggers that I’ve been following recently. They inspire me with their choice of music (that’s why I’m trying to use lofi music lately), their cameraworks (still cams are really very difficult to do – imagine how they do it back and forth), and even how they manage their brand collabs and how they launch their merch. Most of them are young bloods beaming with creativity and passion.

Kai Notebook – I actually thought at first that he was Korean (as many of his early followers would probably think). His vlog aesthetics is lit and super consistent. He used to do voice over and his editing skills are making me want to question why I’m vlogging, hehehe. From what I can recall (I mean, I’m not consistent in watching the vlogs too, sorry), He is a PINOY-student based in Thailand (his parents are working there, I think). And recently, he got his 100k milestone and he had a short “face reveal” vlog.

SUBSCRIBE TO Kai Notebook:

ASYKALX – Aesthetic-wise, his vlogs are just amazing. I got inspired to do silent vlogs from him (along with many other Korean-aesthetic vloggers) who were just too good at showing random things in a very interesting way. From what I can recall, he is Malaysian studying aeronautics (i watched his recent vlog where he is moving to his brother’s house which is closer to his uni). And since I’m also following him on Instagram, I also came to know some of his social media engagements and how he incorporates brand endorsements in his content. He used to not reveal his face on his vlogs until recently too (not sure if that’s the “in” thing now, hashtag #facereveal, lol). I was also recently introduced to Thematic site for FREE use of copyright-free music for the vlog – this saves me a lot from frequently getting copyright issues when using Youtube-downloaded music.


Elliot Choy – Been watching him for many years now. But when I needed an “intelligent” vlog and have someone to listen to while I’m doing something else – then I would turn to his channel and let it play (like a friend who just keeps you company while you’re busy cleaning the house). I mean don’t get me wrong. When I mean intelligent, I just wanted to hear someone talks a lot… but talking a lot with sense. During the time of prolonged isolation, I haven’t had some intelligent conversations for a long while… a chat over coffee where I would just have to listen and absorb lots of things that I would get me browsing the internet when I get home. I also needed that. And so here’s Elliot, a Harvard student then (now graduate), born and raised in the US in a Korean descent family. I started watching his earlier vlogs where he was still discussing about being a young entrepreneur (no wonder why he could really do well in his merch and future businesses)… til his journey on Youtube while studying. His school vlogs were literally engaging… you can see him skating from his dorm to his campus, sneaking bananas from the canteen (he’s famous for it), and his interaction with his friends just made me adore him as a person. And he reads a lot!

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I could go on listing all my other go-to vloggers like Benedict Cua – who also makes a lot of sense when he talks and who influenced me to follow BTS as well. Many of those who are reading or skimming and scanning my posts know that I’m a silent member of Guisado Fam ergo a follower of David Guizon for his lifestyle content (especially how he manages his brand collaborations, but hopes he would marry soon).

I also follow few female vloggers for more content inspiration: Kieun Choi (who would tour us to many coffee shops in Korea), Joanday (for her brand collabs in Korea), Ashley Sandrine Yap (if you want a sneak peek of the lifestyle of Richard Yap’s family aka Sir Chief in the Philippines), and recently discovered vlogs of Jammy Cruz (mostly relaxing and dreamy, lifestyle vlogs but tastely done, i think she’s using a nice camera – I came to know her vlog thru other Filipino vloggers like Rei Germar and Hazel Quing).

In my years of blogging, I already published a few lists of my favorites vloggers per category. But to add to that, I should never forget Paolo from Tokyo (a Filipino-American, married to a Japanese, who is popular for his travel as well as his Day-In-A-The-Life videos and recently his Behind-The-Counter vlogs). I also enjoy watching the Japan travel vlogs of Rion Ishida aka Rion TV, and the dialy life vlogs of Korea-based international couple, Sarah and Kyuho aka 2Hearts1Seoul.

Please share your vlogger go-to’s and I’d be glad to check them out. I might also share wifey’s vlogger recommendations soon (you know that our family loves to watch vlogs more than the news while eating together), so please watch out for it.

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