VISA REQUIREMENTS for those planning to visit South Korea very soon

Based on the latest notice from the Korea Visa Portal ( Notice of resumption of issuance of short-term visa and e-visa, it was mentioned that “Short-term visit (C-3) and electronic visa issuance for foreign tourists, etc., which have been temporarily suspended since April, will be issued in (starting from June 1, 2022)”. Click here for the full memo in Korean

Everyone who watched the vlogs of several Filipino influencers who visited the capital city of Seoul recently were on their toes, ours included, to grab the chance for that “revenge travel” after more than two years! The broadly described revenge travel is the huge increase in people wanting to make up for time and experiences lost to the pandemic.

Popular vlogger/businesswoman, wife of Jeloy, and a new mom to his cute some “X” was in Seoul for more than a week right before the severe flooding that happened in the capital city.
Popular beauty vlogger (along with other influencers) was in Seoul at the same time.
The casts of the Philippine adaptation of RUNNING MAN was also in South Korea for their taping activities

And with so many new developments, concert happenings, etc. – those planning to travel in the future may have SOUTH KOREA as one of their top destinations.

And so, to refresh everyone (especially the expats based in Qatar), here are the things you need to prepare before going to the EMBASSY OF SOUTH KOREA:


List of 34 Nationalities that are required to have lived in Qatar for more than 2 years and need to prove it to apply for a Korean visa: China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru, Syria, Sudan, Macedonia, Kosovo, Cuba, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Somalia, Gambia, Senegal.

A. Tourist visa

  1. Application for visa
  2. Residency Permit valid more than 3 months(Front and back side printed in one page)
  3. Passport valid more than 6 months and copy of passport
  4. Documents to prove your stay in Qatar over 2 years: Choose one option either 4-1 or 4-2

4-1. Two documents

  1. Employment Certificate issued by your current company which mentioned position and salary(No need notarization by MoFA)
  2. Certificate which is mentioned your Residency Permit details, including first entry (issuance date) and the expiry date; Apply for ‘To Whom It May Concern’ certificate through online Metrash application and collect it at the Immigration.

4-2. One document

  1. Employment certificate mentioned official duty starting date and salary, which must be notarized by Consular Department of Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs with one month validity
  2. Company’s establishment card(Front and back side printed in one page) and commercial registration
  3. 3 months salaries mentioned original bank statement
  4. Round-trip air-ticket
  5. Hotel reservation
  6. 1 White background passport size picture taken in 6 months

Other nationalities which are not included in above mentioned 34 countries

A. Tourist Visa

  1. Copy of QID and Passport
  2. Residency Permit valid more than 3 months(Front and back side printed in one page)
  3. Employment Certificate; Position and salary mentioned
  4. Company’s establishment card(Front and back side printed in one page) and commercial registration
  5. Original official three months salary bank statement, which is signed/stamped by the bank(Online print will not be accepted.)
  6. Copy of airplane ticket(Round trip)
  7. Hotel reservation
  8. 1 White background passport size picture taken in 6 months

B. Visa Fee

  • Single entry: QR 160 (although, I was told that less than 56 days is FREE – pls check)
  • Double entry within 6 months: QR 280
  • Multiple entry: QR 360* Fee of each applicant, according to your nationality, is may assigned differently from the general fee.

C. How to verify Visa result

  • Visit (,
  • Click ‘Check Application Status’ –  ‘Check Application Status & Print’ menu
  • Fill out Passport no., Name, Date of Birth and Click the ‘Search’ button
  • If a visa application is approved, the ‘Certificate’ button will be activated
  • Print out the ‘Visa Grant Notice’ (sample below)
    • All foreigners are required to present this document to immigration officers
      during immigration clearance.
    • The document is valid either printed in color or black and white.

NOTE: All details are from the website of Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the State of Qatar (click link for complete information or for updates in case of changes). Tel:  4483 2238

Many of us are excited to travel very soon, eat the authentic food that we craving for the longest time, and visit the places we only see on Kdramas. But, as we are still living in the pandemic period, we still have to keep our selves safe and secure.

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