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A MODEL FAMILY & LITTLE WOMEN | Two Dramas of the Missing Bag of Money!

What will you do when you find a bag full of money? Will you hide the truth? What will you buy first? This baffles me quite a bit as I finished watching A MODEL FAMILY a few weeks back and as I start watching Netflix Korea’s latest offering, LITTLE WOMEN. Both dramas have a peculiar plot that involves being drowned in family and financial problems and suddenly finding yourself with a lot of money and getting involved in a series of unexpected events.


The drama narrates an ordinary family’s problem with finances: an ordinary professor having difficulty making ends meet – paying the bills, of his son’s operations who’s dying of a heart condition and needs a transplant, of a rebellious daughter who is fed up with her parent’s bickering over money problems, and a wife who (but not proven clearly in the drama) was having an affair and was trying to get out of a marriage marred with life’s uncertainties.

The early episodes provided a backdrop that made the protagonist very vulnerable. When his car stopped in the middle of a long road in his moment of despair… it was raining hard… suddenly, another speeding car bumped him from the back of his car. When he checked on the other car, he found two dead bodies (later on, it was revealed that they have been murdered prior to the incident) and a bag full of money from a drug operation. This life-changing decision to take the money and clean up the murder scene turned his life upside down. Brought the blood-stained money to his home, and drove back and forth to bury the dead bodies in his yard not knowing that he will eventually get involved in a dangerous drug ring and a police operation trying to hunt the notorious drug cartel.

The drama was short of dragging but when you’re patient enough, you’ll see a shimmer of life lessons like how the gangs defend and considered their men as a real family as opposed to how policemen would stab the back of their fellow. Again, a person’s longing for a family – being deprived of it during his youth, was evidently shown in the life of one of the gang leaders. Most importantly, what would a financially-troubled person do when he finds a large amount of money? But the reality is when you get interested in something that you don’t own, you will only end up risking your clean record, risking the life of your family, and being in the never-ending cycle of anxiety and abuse in exchange for your life’s safety.

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Watch A MODEL FAMILY on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/qa-en/title/81349413


The drama has just started and is only on its first two episodes as of this writing. And just like in the story of A MODEL FAMILY, LITTLE WOMEN started to lay down the foundation of the sisters’ financial struggles: the eldest while working as a bookkeeper would have to keep up with the lifestyle of her co-worker, the second was working as a TV reporter and was battling with alcoholism and eventually lost her job, the youngest is a talented painter who is willing to sell off her skills to a wealthy family so she will not be dependent on her sisters. The first Episode even showed their mother abandoning them after stealing the money that’s supposed to be used for the youngest sister’s trip to Europe.

The eldest daughter got involved in a life-changing situation when her close colleague (apparently) took her life and left her (secretly) with a huge amount of money. Again, this is a life-changing decision – would she take the money or will she also be dragged into a cycle of abuse and torture after getting her hands on the money?

Watch LITTLE WOMEN on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/at-en/title/70143858


Money is indeed a cruel master. The Bible says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” While life may present so many worries and troubles (oftentimes related to finances), we may also be tempted by situations that will test our convictions.

These dramas will show us that nothing good will come out of coveting something that is not ours. It may come to us in the guise of luck or opportunity. But later on, we will know that it comes with strings of problems, abuse, threat, or even worst, death.

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”


  1. I’m enjoying the Little Women! It’s so unpredictable so far and it keeps on getting better (although we only have 2 episodes so far).

    On a side note, I would like to check with you if you post this content in another website called thescholarstime(dot)com? Because this content is published there as exactly as how you published it here. So I thought of checking with you first before assuming that they have stolen your content.

    1. Thanks dear. Excited for this new series as well. Also, there are these 3 websites who keeps reposting all my content on their sites. Already wrote them emails but they kept doing it. Dunno what to do anymore except not to give them permission when its being notified on my email. I always press DONT ALLOW but it keep sharing. Thats theire business i think, create a website, repost other peoples content and hopefully get sponsors… 🙁

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