TRAILBLAZERS: 7 Male Idol Groups from the Philippines (P-POP Rise Part1)

As we continue to show support for PINOY POP MUSIC as well as the different P-POP groups representing the Philippines in the music world, we dedicate a two-part series so we can get to know them better.

I’m not saying that I know so much about P-POP and that I am an authority in this subject. How I wish I have more time and resources to gather as much data as I should – like albums sold (physical and digital), number of concerts (online and offline), and awards (local and international) in order for this post to be more comprehensive. But I am writing this in my effort to get to know more about them as well, and be able to share it with our readers too.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THIS POST: There are a lot of hyperlinks in this article and if you want to know more about each topic, click the links that will redirect you to other sources. The figures and data mentioned in this article are correct as of the date of publishing.

It was at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2022 when I noticed the rise of the P-POP scene following the easing of COVID restrictions for in-person concerts (Day1 Video HERE, Day2 Video HERE). When the first-ever Pinoy Pop Convention, dubbed as ‘2022 PPOPCON,’ kicked off on April 9 and 10 in Manila, I was amazed to see different local groups whose visuals and performances are already at par with their K-POP counterparts. And it was SB19 that first captured our attention… and from then on, we started checking out other groups.

But before SB19, teenage girls back in the early years were also going gaga over several P-POP groups like 1:43 who popularized the song Sa Isang Sulyap Mo, XLR8 (2010-2011), Sugar High (2013-2014), Gimme 5 (2013–2017), BoyBandPH (2016-2020), and more.

First in our series about P-POP GROUPS IN THE PHILIPPINES is a lineup of possibly the SECOND GENERATION (P-POP RISE) – BOY GROUPS who are slowly making waves not only locally but also on the international stage.


SB19 is a five-member boy group under ShowBT Entertainment. The group debuted on October 26, 2018 with their first debut digital single, Tilaluha. Their name stands for ‘Sound Break 19’.

This Billboard-nominated group already has a big fanbase in and out of the Philippines, has sold out concerts in Araneta and other local cities, and is now set to do a world tour to promote their latest single WYAT (Where You At?). With several commercial endorsements from big brands and a number of awards and recognition under their belt, SB19 is undoubtedly the biggest boy band group in the country today. And while still in their fourth year as a group, we see lots of potential and opportunities coming their way – both locally and internationally.


  • Year Debuted: 2021
  • Greetings: Mabuhay, We are BGYO!
  • Fandom Name: ACEs

BGYO (formerly known as Star Hunt Academy Boys or SHA Boys) is a five-member boy group under Star Music. They made their official debut on January 29, 2021 with the single The Light. Their group name stands for “Be the Change, Go Further, You and I, Originally Filipino”.

With the backing of a giant media network, BGYO’s entry into the industry is expected to be easier than usual – with their experienced talent managers, technical expertise, and exposure to different popular shows. I personally felt that they were trying their best to keep the Filipino touch in most of their performances but their visuals and styling sometimes and unintentionally exude a K-POP vibe.


  • Youtube Channel (139K subscribers): Alamat
  • Twitter (28.4K Followers): Alamat
  • Members: Thomas, R-Ji, Taneo, Mo, Jao, Alas
  • Year Debuted: 2021
  • Greetings: ALAMAT handa ‘rap! … at kami ang, ALAMAT!
  • Fandom Name: Magiliw

Alamat is a six-member boy group under Viva Records and was formed by Ninuno Media. Originally as nine, the group debuted on February 14, 2021 with their first digital single kbye.

When I was watching the videos of this group, I felt that what separates them from other P-POP groups is their consistent effort to highlight the indigenous culture and language of the Philippines. Their growing followers are probably attracted to their uniqueness and style owing to some regionalistic appeal (use of dialects in some of their songs) and originality.


  • Youtube Channel (43.8K subscribers): VXON Official
  • Twitter (12.1K Followers): VXON
  • Members: C13, Sam, Patrick, Vince, Franz
  • Year Debuted: 2022
  • Greetings: In control, we are: VXON
  • Fandom Name: Vixies

VXON (read as Vision) is a five-member Filipino boy group under Cornerstone Entertainment. The group made their official debut on January 7, 2022 with their first single The Beast.

While thinking of writing this article, I already have it in my mind to describe this group as having the visuals that could almost pass as a K-POP group. With the music industry becoming more and more competitive, having good visuals + talent is a sure recipe for success. I won’t be surprised to see them winning the new artist of the year award this year and also land on several commercial deals if they will further improve their popularity.


  • Youtube Channel (203K subscribers): 1st.One
  • Twitter (11.2K Followers): 1st.One
  • Members: Ace, Max, Alpha, Joker, J, Jayson, Gift
  • Year Debuted: 2020
  • Greetings: Start To The End! Going up to be first! Kamusta po! We are First-One!
  • Fandom Name: For. One

1st.One is a seven-member boy group under FirstOne Entertainment. The group debuted on July 31, 2020 with their first single You Are The One (Ttak Maja Nuh).

Working under a Korean management definitely has an advantage in terms of familiarity with the industry. We can see that in the quality of their music videos. I can also see their strength in social media and other online presence which could be attributed to their management (having one channel for all their artists).


Press Hit Play is a four-member boy group under Superb Us Entertainment. They debuted with their first single WIN on August 6, 2021 with their original six members.

When I first saw them on the vlog of Ms. Kring Kim during their training days in Korea, is also the same time when I started binge-watching SB19’s videos. I was really happy to see Filipino talents challenging their international counterparts by by showing them what they’ve got. However, the group eventually debuted in the Philippines though some of the original members left the group afterwards. I still need to get the feel of their music but I appreciate their determination and hardwork.


  • Youtube Channel (3.38K subscribers): BOIZ
  • Twitter (605 Followers): BOIZ
  • Members: Rey, Jonric, Ethan, BJ, Gas
  • Year Debuted: 2022
  • Greetings: not available
  • Fandom Name: not available

BOIZ is a five-member boy group under Viva Records. The group debuted on July 29, 2022 with their first digital single, I Wanna Know.

I bumped into this group of young talents while doing research for this post. And after watching some of their music videos, it brings back memories of popular teenage groups in the Philippines. Some say if we have senior P-POP groups, they are relatively the youngest in age and experience – much like an ENHYPEN (Juniors) to BTS (seniors). We look forward to seeing more exciting opportunities for these young artists.


Due to our love for music and even our penchant for anything Korean… it was not surprising to see articles saying that the Philippines has 3rd highest number of K-pop fans in the world – Twitter. And if Filipinos can appreciate and really become avid fans of KPOP idols, we can also look back and support our very own.

Under the scrutiny and very discriminating taste of Filipino audiences, up-and-coming PPOP groups must be able to really capture the interest and support of these fans who (in part) made BTS and other K-POP idols very popular today.

The standards that was set by groups such as SB19 and BGYO to name a few are high that the level of performance, synchronicity, vocal quality, visuals, and overall group artistry should always be top-notch. Gone are the days when having a beautiful face is all that matters. Nowadays, the stakes are higher. And based on what we’ve been watching on the MAKING OF THESE IDOL GROUPS, it surely is not an overnight success. The fans expect no less than quality and excellence in exchange for their loyalty and support.

(SPECIAL CREDIT TO most of the details for this blog post)


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for putting effort into learning more about PPop! SB19 and Press Hit Play are my favorites! And with that, I do want to share that Press Hit Play’s (PHP) greeting is: “Set the tune! Feel the vibe! This is Press Hit Play!” And for VXON, the greeting goes: “In control, we are: VXON” Looking forward to part 2 and hoping to see ppop girl groups too!

  2. Wow I didn’t know about P-POP Groups until this post, I think it’s time for Filipino talents to be recognized in this kind of spotlight. Keep it up!

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