GAMECHANGERS: 8 Female Idol Groups from the Philippines (P-POP Rise Part2)

Before we start with this second installment, we would like to appreciate the support of P-POP fans for many of our Twitter posts (shared blog posts). Bloggers like me are inspired to continue writing because of the encouragement we get from online supporters.

But unlike boy groups in the Philippines – I don’t know many girl groups in the Philippines before except for Sexbomb Dancers (1999), Viva Hotbabes (2003), and Mocha Girls (2006) if you will consider them for this category – so we probably have to include Masculados (2003) and Hashtags (2015) in our previous entry if this is the case.

There were previous mentions of different girl groups under the music label VIVA RECORDS (from 2009 to 2021): POP Girls , After 5, UGG (U Go Girls), Japh Dolls, Ch4rmed, P-Pop Generation, and Apphle. But they somehow were unable to hit the level of popularity, unlike their boy group counterparts.

The second part of our series about P-POP GROUPS IN THE PHILIPPINES is another lineup of possibly the THIRD (?) GENERATION (P-POP RISE) – GIRL GROUPS who are very interesting in terms of visuals, packaging, and style.


MNL48 (in short of Manila48) is a Filipino girl idol group based in Metro Manila, the 3rd international sister group of Japanese girl idol group AKB48, after Indonesia’s JKT48 (1st international sister group), and Thailand’s BNK48 (2nd international sister group). MNL48 who is under Hallo Hallo Entertainment (HHE) made their official debut in 2018 with their first EP Aitakatta (Gustong Makita).

Dubbed as the Philippine’s first idol group, the J-POP influence in their initial sound and look is very evident. We also came to know that their agency Hallo Hallo Entertainment (HHE) has a partnership agreement with ABS-CBN Corporation but many of their fans felt that they still remain underrated despite their beautiful visuals and highly improved synchronization.


  • Twitter (40.9K Followers): BINI Official
  • Year Debuted: 2021
  • Greetings: not available
  • Fandom Name: BLOOM

BINI is an eight-member girl group under Star Music. Their pre-debut single “Da Coconut Nut” was released on November 20, 2020. The group officially debuted on June 4, 2021 with the single Born to Win.

When I initially saw them on one reaction video few months back (click the hyperlink if you want to watch it), I definitely agree that they have the international appeal much like BGYO who is also under the same music label as they are. Their video and music scream commercial quality. And I’m really hoping that their v-logs will help them appeal to a bigger audience – sharing how they can truly inspire their generation rather than simply showing “who they are” – because I can definitely see lots of potential with this group, too.


KAIA is a five-member Filipino girl group formed and under ShowBT Entertainment. The group made their official debut on April 8, 2022 with their first debut single BLAH BLAH.

What’s impressive about KAIA is that their visuals as well as their choreography and vocals are very consistent. Probably owing to the strict training regimens as their kuyas – SB19, you can always feel the power and sincerity in every performance. And even if they are one of the newest girl groups in town, KAIA can (“kaya” in Tagalog) definitely trail blaze to the top!


  • Youtube Channel (48.6K subscribers): LITZ
  • Twitter (14.2K Followers): LITZ
  • Members: Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart
  • Year Debuted: 2022
  • Greetings: not available
  • Fandom Name: GLITZ

LITZ (also known as Life in the sunshine) is a four-member Filipino girl group under Viva Records. The group debuted on March 8, 2022 with their first debut single Kidlat.

Shortly after their debut, Viva Artist Agency announced that the youngest member – Yumi had left the group, but will still remain with the company to do other projects in the future. And observing from the comments of the netizens, they were kinda disappointed with the music video – “The Song is perfect, the girls are very talented and their visuals is outstanding. The only thing that disappoints me is the Cinematography of this Music Video”. We totally agree that the management should always back up their talents especially in this day in age where the competition is very stiff. The girls are looking fresh and fab and it will be a delight to see them swing their way to stardom.


  • Youtube Channel (35K subscribers): G22 Official
  • Twitter (6,642 Followers): G22 Official
  • Members: Alfea, Bianca, Jaz, AJ
  • Year Debuted: 2022
  • Greetings: Ready, Aim, Shoot!, Hello, we are G22!
  • Fandom Name: Bullets

G22 is a four-member girl group under Cornerstone Entertainment. The group made their official debut on February 25, 2022 with their first single BANG!.

I can feel “Black Pink” in their aura… probably in the beat of their debut song… but they can totally slay it the Filipino way. Their powerful vocals and stunning visuals will surely bring them to the limelight. In one article it was said that “The name G22 is a reference to the Glock 22 pistol, and 2022, the year the girls debuted.” While it might sound “strong” to others, the group only wanted to emphasize “confidence and women empowerment”. Way to go, girls!


CALISTA which stands for “𝐶𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝐼𝑡 𝐴 𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑟”, is a six-member girl group under Tyronne Escalante Artist Management and Merlion Events Production. The group made their official debut on February 14, 2022, with their first single Race Car.

I felt that they are a strong rap group and I hope that they will also find their way through the P-POP world using their strengths and unique qualities.


DIONE (also stylized as D1ONE) is a four-member girl group under FirstOne Entertainment. The group debuted on April 7, 2022 with their first single “Bling Bling“.

Their youthful energy is good enough to fire-up their stage performances. And they sure are making a great first impression on their videos as well. While an easy “Black Pink” semblance can be easily spotted on the sound and feel of their first single, I hope they can also find their own sound and style – which, I’m pretty sure they will slay.


R Rules is a four-member girl group under UMUSIC Philippines (formerly called Japh Dolls). The group debuted on November 24, 2021, with their first single DNY.

This half-Pinoy, half-Japanese P-POP girl group is about empowerment, according to one article. Initially, I appreciate their determination when they tried to reinvent themselves into a totally new group with the same heart and vision – consistent in honoring their roots (Filipino and Japanese background) through their music.


We are yet to get the hang for our girl bands but we can definitely see a promising future for them. But one thing is for sure, they are as eager as their male counterparts to showcase their talent and send their message to the world through their music.

Hoping that more and more events like the upcoming POPSTIVAL 2022 on October 21, 2022 at the SMDC Festival Grounds will give chance to all these talented groups. Organized by Neuwave Events & Productions, POPstival 2022 will feature K-POP acts namely Hyolyn, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, LOONA, Be’o, and Park Bom, and P-POP acts namely G22, VXON, CALISTA, Lady Pipay, BINI, Felip of SB19, Press Hit Play, ALAMAT, and SB19 (more details HERE).

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