P-POP GLOBAL DOMINATION: The world is ready for you, SB19!

After the successful concert tour of SB19 in the Philippines (which started in Manila, Cebu, Pampanga, and ended in Davao), our P-POP KINGS will continue with their International Tour in Dubai on October 29 (BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE), then followed by New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Singapore. The rest of 2022 will surely be very busy for the boys but plans for other locations are on-going, so expect an exciting 2023 for A’TIN overseas.

MANILA | Araneta Colesium – Sept 17

CEBU | Waterfront Cebu – Oct 1

PAMPANGA | SMX Convention Center Clark – Oct 8

DAVAO | SMX Convention Center Davao – Oct 15

DUBAI | Dubai World Trade Center – Oct 29

NEW YORK | Palladium Time Square – Nov 5

LOS ANGELES | Avalon Hollywood – Nov 12

SAN FRANCISCO | Fox Theatre Redwood City – Nov 18

SINGAPORE | The Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa – Nov 27

What’s with SB19?

Personally, I haven’t seen any Pinoy boy group with so much following, as passionate as that of A’TINs (who would literally attend almost all their shows and guestings). Same as how K-POP idols are supported online and offline, SB19 is also enjoying the love and support not only from Filipino fans, but surprisingly, even from international fans. I was amazed to see lots of foreign YouTubers reacting to their songs, and even their v-logs and dance videos, just like how it was done with other known idol groups (even if it’s mostly in Tagalog language and usually no English subtitles – though hope their managers would reconsider putting subtitles to encourage more international audience).

To those who have followed their journey from their training vlogs up to their latest activities, you will know that success didn’t come easy for SB19 who almost decided to disband if not for the sudden fame of their GO UP dance video. But notably, what’s distinct about SB19 is that they compose and produce their own songs, they have one of the best vocals and even visuals in the industry right now, they choreograph their own dance, and their synchronization is always top-notch. And just like any successful boy bands, it has always been a collaboration of great talent from the artists and unrelenting support from the fans.

For more of our previous coverage on SB19, please check this out: SB19’s List of Recent Commercials: They are the next BIG THING for the PPOP Music Industry Their popularity and influence on a very wide range of audience (young and old) are enough reasons for brands to get them as their endorsers.

Ultimately, I believe that SB19 is the Philippines’ best bet (pure-blooded Filipinos) to win Billboard Music Awards or even Grammys. More than their international concerts, many A’TINs are excited for SB19 finally hitting the Billboard and other International Music Awards. Hopefully, with the support of global and local fans – via physical album sales, concert tickets sales, as well as online streaming and social media hashtags – SB19 will proudly represent Filipino music and talent on the global music stage.

OUR COVER PHOTO: For global domination that shouts of their FILIPINO heritage. Early this year, they surprised everyone with their modern pop rendition of the classic Bb. Pilipinas theme song entitled “Win Your Heart” and they were seen wearing this gorgeous modern Barong Tagalog in one of their photoshoots.

Why not call it SB19 GLOBAL DOMINATION?

While it is indeed the group’s first world tour, I really believe in their dream to make P-POP known all over the world and push the industry and all other P-POP groups to the same level as their K-POP counterparts (got it while watching some of their videos and I noted Pablo saying this). I felt that it has always been their dream while achieving their group success, and this made me really appreciate them all the more. Supporting SB19 in my own little way is no waste of time at all. They are a motivation to be better if not the best, they are an inspiration to aim high and to succeed. And if conquering the world is their own motive… no…they actually carry a nation’s flag… a country’s pride, more than their own. And that heart is what I truly admire. I’m sure of this, SB19 will pave the way for P-POP GLOBAL DOMINATION.

So one more time, THE WORLD IS READY FOR YOU, SB19! All the best in your Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Singapore concerts. Hoping that more and more OFWs will go all out to support our very own. Cheering you from QATAR!

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