Jungkook of BTS visits Qatar, spends two days at Souq Waqif and other popular spots for a “special project”

Just a few days after the group’s announcement to serve military duty on Oct 17, and their successful Busan concert on Oct 15, Jungkook – the youngest member of global supertars BTS, surprised everyone with his departure to Qatar on the early morning of Oct 24 via a private plane from Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center.

BTS member Jungkook was spotted at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center leaving for Qatar. – source:
photos from various sources on Twitter

Initial reports said “Jungkook leaves for Qatar to promote the 2022 World Cup”, others said it was “for the FIFA World Cup promotions”. Promoting the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is already redundant since Qatar is the host country – but doing some FIFA World Cup promotional campaigns… may be the most reasonable thing. Many fans are curious as to the purpose of the visit, but we can only rest in the idea that he is doing something amazing that ARMYs will definitely see in the future.

But whatever it is, Qatar ARMYs were in a frenzy at the news of Jungkook’s arrival. Some were speculating where his private plane will land and which hotel he will stay. However, the local fan base – Qatar BTS Army, was quick to remind fellow ARMYs to respect privacy, “to be respectful and careful around him“, and to restrain from posting private details that would “endanger him or upset local authorities“.

Twitter user @auio_007 was quick to share a photo of JK’s arrival at Doha International Airport in the afternoon of Oct 24.

The next morning was a little silent probably waiting for some hints of Jungkook’s whereabout until a video begun circulating on social media, and local residents were quick to pick up the exact location. The venue was said to be crowded with fans and spectators around noon time and photos of Jungkook at Souq Waqif were generously shared on all platforms (photos below are shared from Twitter, all credits to the rightful owners).

We saw in the photos and videos that tight security measures are in place while zealous fans were kept at a distance to maintain safety while ensuring the smooth conduct of the shoot. Moreover, we saw Jungkook waving at the ARMY at every opportunity, always putting a warm smile on everyone and occasionally bowing down as a sign of respect – such a humble gesture from a world superstar!

The start of the second was day was also a little quiet though the production team was spotted on different locations including Aspire Park, National Museum of Qatar, and Sheraton Park – which is good as it will surely highlight more of Qatar’s culture and identity. Some were also a bit concerned about the weather but JK was always inside the holding room or air-conditioned van during breaks, and for sure the whole production has everything under control.

We still don’t know what the project is about but we’re pretty sure it is something amazing that ARMYs around the world will be surely proud of. As always, we will be on standby for the release of this music video and ARMYs will be in full support.

We have no news whether he will be staying longer or he will wrap up his work soon. But one thing is for sure, all his/BTS fans here in Qatar are very delighted to see him here. His visit in Qatar is one for the books!

In celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Hyundai and BTS are proud to unveil the ‘Goal of the Century’ campaign’s official song, ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’. Read on to find out more about the new song, and listen to it for


  1. Thank you for your wonderful article on JungKook! And I’m very impressed with the care, respect, and protection Qatar & Qatar Armys is giving our precious Superstar!

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