DO YOU KNOW what your favorite football teams are also called? Check out what other names these teams are known for.

While the GROUP STAGE is underway and almost all teams have played their first game already until this week, we can already see the passion and determination of the players as well as the fans. Wearing their team colors, national flags, and their team icons, fans trooped the stadiums filled with anticipation each game. Chanting at the top of their voices, each camp are hoping to get those much-needed GOALS.

But before we get any further into the games, have you noticed that each team has its own nickname?

IN THIS SEGMENT: Hyperlinks will help you further understand the history beyond those names, plus the link to the official social media channels of your favorite teams. The presentation will be as follows. Country | Other Official Name (click here for official Instagram page): also called THEIR NICKNAMES (click here for history/feature articles about their nicknames).

Iran and England from Group B meet to play their first match of the #FIFAWorldCup  England qualified for #Qatar2022 unbeaten. Iran is the top Asian team in the FIFA rankings. source: AlJazeera English Facebook Page
Ghana fans are taking over Qatar 🇬🇭 source: FIFA WORLD CUP Facebook Page
Senegal fans are vibing today 🇸🇳 source: FIFA WORLD CUP Facebook Page

THIS POST is also a tribute to all the fans who are coming to QATAR and to every game. Sometimes, it’s the fans who also give these teams their nicknames and fight along with the players with their loudest cheers.

Should you see any corrections in the post (as we are merely getting it from online references), kindly let us know. We noticed that some teams have more than one nicknames so please let us know which one is more popularly used. Comment down below or email us at for your comments and suggestions.

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