SPENT A DAY AT MSC WORLD EUROPA: We fell in love with the place and we are dreaming to take a cruise soon!

Sorry if ever we missed replying to some of the questions from our recent posts about the cruise ship experience. We received lots of inquiries about our day tour at the MSC World Europa during the weekend and in lieu of the usual vlog which could take time to edit, we decided to drop a blog post instead.

How many of you can be as impulsive as we are in terms of “experience” buying (trips, hotels, buffet, etc) more than the usual product sale? The moment we saw this post from Discover Qatar, we immediately said we have to be there as soon as possible. Couldn’t think of a better plan for Jasmine’s birthday so we thought this could just be the perfect one for us… as always, a family getaway just for the three of us (insert Kuya Johann).


The booking is very simple:

  1. Just go to
  2. Choose the date
  3. Select your preferred ship (Word Europa or Poesia – descriptions are on the overview, make sure to read the inclusions as well to manage your expectations – in our case we chose MSC WORLD EUROPA, the biggest of the two ships)
  4. Indicate how many guests (adults QR182, Jasmine only paid QR99)
  5. BOOK online
  6. Fill out the passenger details (we used QID as our ID reference but they kept asking for the passport during the check-in so better bring both)
  7. Then pay online
SAMPLE ONLY: To show adult and kids’ rates



  • Day access to MSC World Europa or MSC Poesia (from 12noon to 2am)
  • Access to all public facilities and attractions onboard (yes, FIFA Matches are also streamed live at the main pool deck on the 18th Floor)
  • A variety of dining options (buffet and ala carte restaurants are available,different cuisines available)


  • Day access pass (note: no room included here, but since we are the inquisitive type and we know that there are lots of activities and shows onboard, we immediately checked the digital board for schedules to manage our schedules: when to swim, when to watch FIFA matches, when to eat, and when to roam around/watch shows if any.)


  • Hayya card to be applied for independently
  • Food and drinks payable onboard (charged separately, it was not mentioned online but you will be asked to load at least 200 euro on one of your cruise cards to be used for all your expenses on-board, no other credit card allowed. While you can still do a top-up inside (in case you need more euro to spend), the unconsumed amount will be returned to your card after you disembark)
  • Anything else that is not expressly mentioned above in Inclusions


It is always our habit to check on location and access before going to any place. Especially now that the FIFA tournament is ongoing, accessibility has become limited. We were told that the only way to get to the port is through the Cruise Terminal bus (originating from the Al Ghanim Bus Station in Al Fardan Souq) and any UBER car with sticker.

Security is quite strict from the check-in area, which is a good thing (food MAY not be allowed since they are sold on-board). If you don’t want to be rushed, you may want to come a few minutes earlier than the 12noon check-in time.


Guests are free to roam around the ship (public places from 6-7-8 floors to 18 & 19 floors), and check out different shops, restaurants, games arcade, and open areas like the scenic Panorama Lounge and the pool deck area. You will be on your own most of the time but assistance is always available (just ask any MSC staff for directions and other questions).

Had the chance to have sneak peek at the rehearsals of the performance for the show later that night.

The most ideal place to stay for day pass holders is the poolside. Since MSC World Europa has 7 swimming pools spread across the ship, including one with a sliding roof, there’s always space to relax by the water and pool deck.

This is not a cabin but just a good shot of our cabana bed near the pool
FREE WIFI password is provided for every cruise card

We chose to stay at the Botanic Garden lounge (indoor and cozier). It also leads to the main pool deck area. Towels are provided upon request at the TOWEL AREA (just present your cruise card). We noticed that the water is a bit cold (not temperature controlled), but there are jacuzzi for those who wants it a bit warm.

The only thing that we have to note is that while there are shower areas around the pool areas, there is no place to rinse with soap after swimming (unless you can do it on some partially covered shower like that on the Botanic Pool). But there are lots of bathrooms where you can freshen up and change clothes comfortably.

There’s also lots of activities onboard. Choose from amenity areas where kids can play for free (for day pass holders – parents are required to stay), different arcades (pay for play – around 1 euro to 2 euros per game only), and also shows that you can watch from light shows (which we missed because of exciting FIFA matches), to “broadway-type” shows (schedules are on the digital monitors around the ship).

EXTRA || We suggest you take heavy lunch before going to the port so you will only spend on afternoon snacks, if necessary. The Botanic Garden Pool also have vendo machines for snacks (payment thru your cruise card) and also a charging station (free).

Lunch buffet is priced at 50 euro/pax served from 12:00 to 4:30pm unlimited food and drinks on their 18th floor restaurant. Dinner buffet is at 60 euro/pax for a buffet which can be consumed either inside the restaurant or at the pool area while watching the FIFA matches (served from 6:00pm to 10:30pm). For beer drinkers – this unlimited food and drinks package is definitely a steal! Otherwise, if you prefer a specific cuisine, you can use your lunch or dinner ticket to any ala carte restaurants inside the ship.

They a very very long buffet section ( probably around 6-7 stations fo different cuisines)

Overall, it was a very memorable experience. It’s not as expensive as we thought it would be, but it can get really expensive depends on your consumption behaviour (if you include shopping, arcades, and more food and drinks). I mentioned earlier some tips on how to save, but it’s up to you to plan ahead and spend your euros wisely (1Euro = 3.75 Qar). And just like other travel experience, expect to shell out money to make it even more memorable.

It’s not often that we get to experience this in Doha. After FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the ships are expected to resume their normal cruise operations in the Middle East and a day pass may not happen again soon. We are also very fortunate to meet few FILIPINO CREWS on-board and they are just so fun to talk to (like missing a long lost relative, they want to assist you with almost everything).

If this is your thing, I would definitely recommend you guys to give this a try. Also, if you’re a FIFA World Cup ticket holder, and you’re planning to go with a family of 3, you may want to consider and compare the cost of staying overnight and experience the ship longer.



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Thank you and we love you all, our BLQ-adas!


  1. Hi Kuya Zeke! for the 200euros minimum top up, can it be used to pay for the buffet? And if you are a couple, 200 euros can be shared? Or it’s per pax.

      1. Hi Kabayan,Thank you for this blog. I was searching for information on a 1 day pass cruise for world europa and I found your blog. We have a booking, so it was very helpful for us as a first-timer and ur blog is very informative to know all before we embark, especially the costs.  One thing I love about the buffet is the free beer, I’m a beer drinker, so masusulit ko. hehehe.
        Thanks and more power to ur blog.

  2. Is there any locker? Or we need to carry our things all throughout the day?

    Also what is the time in and out for the day pass?

    1. Sorry po pero wala but sa mga pool side beds pwede naman magiwan ng bags, idont recommend bringing lots of bags ung saktong pamalit lang plus use mga slippers nalang para di na palit palit at pwede from pool to walking po hehehe. less is better.

  3. Good day po. Ask ko lang po. From Alfardan Souq, nandun na din po ba ung cruise terminal bus station? And paano po pala magbook ng Uber? Anong location po ilagay at need po ba nmin tnungin ung driver kng may sticker sya pra mkapasok? Slamat po. Godbless.

    1. we though of using uber para straight na wala na stopover excited kasi kami makarating maaga 20 riyals lang ata charge samin from mansoura. basta nilagay lang ni misis is DOHA PORT or DOHA CRUISE PORT matik na na need nila ng sticker pero check nyo na rin if me sticker para di hassle.

  4. Hello po, what if hindi nman maubos yong 200euros, we are couple so they will return it or we have to spend it all during the day-thank you

    1. there are several top up machines inside reloadable via your VISA or mastercard. unused money will be refunded po after the day tour. what happend to us is binalik po nila yung 200 euros then the same card i used nung nag load chinarge nila ng actual na expenses.

      1. Hello BLQ, ask ko po if pano po nila binalik un on board credit? As per my experience po kc upon disembarkation, sinabi ko po sa check out na may credit pa po un card. Sinabi lang po ibabalik un amount sa visa but wala po computation na ginawa samin. San po kayo nagpacompute non? Thanks!

  5. Hi Sir about sa 200euros po. Paano po binalik sa inyo? Kasi po yung sa amin. Ang sabi is automatic they will refund it within 24-48hrs daw. No need to go sa counter.

      1. In our case they reversed the full transaction 200 euro the moment we leave the ship but holded the amount we used inside and after 1 day debited the same amount we used from our account but still after debiting until now they are holding the same amount and bank told to contact them to release this amount..
        did you face the same issue?

    1. Hello mam, nakuha nyo na po ba un refund? Kc un sa amin po, same un sinabi na marereceive un refund automatically. But hindi ko po alam how and when.

  6. Hi is there any contact number available for msc world europa? I want to know whether they have vegetarian food. If only non veg food is served then it will not be suitable for us

  7. Upon check-inn ano po kailangan ipakita?
    Nagkamali po kasi ako sa date of birth na nailagay and according sa discover qatar cannot be amended na. Will they allow me to board kaya?

  8. Am a Qatar resident and ID holder, But i dont have HAYYA CARD or MATCH TICKET. My family have 3 and each of them have hayya card. But i booked to stay from16th Dec-2022 for 2 Days 1 room for 4 members including me. So can i get the board together with my family?.

    1. Hello. As much as I really want to be of help but your specific booking may be cleared for you by Discover Qatar themselves. I suggest you contact them directly since the overnight stay and the day pass might have policies different from each other. (But for FOR DAY PASS – HAYYA CARD REQUIRED as per their website)

    1. From what I know, once you disembark, you wont be allowed entry anymore (for security purposes as well – maybe unless it’s emergency). But you can double check this again when you check-in. The travel distance nowadays due to limit of public and private transportation is longer than usual so I think its also inconvenient within the 12-hour duration of DAY PASS.

  9. In our case they reversed the full transaction 200 euro the moment we leave the ship but holded the amount we used inside and after 1 day debited the same amount we used from our account but still after debiting until now they are holding the same amount and bank told to contact them to release this amount..
    did you face the same issue?

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