THE TOP 4 FIFA-POSSIBILITIES: The semi-final matches are now set!

It was another surprising round for the “LAST 8” TEAMS with some of the popular teams being knocked out of the semis: Brazil losing from penalty kick powerhouse Croatia, and Portugal losing from the fired-up Moroccan team.

HOW THE SEMIS WORKS? The winner of each match will move on to the FINALS to determine the WORLD CUP Champions and the runners up on Dec18. The losing teams will battle for the 3rd and 4th place on Dec 17.

A WIN BY #CROATIA will mean their comeback on the FIFA finals podium and a possible rematch with France who won the 2018 World Cup in London. Revenge is real!

A WIN BY #ARGENTINA will give them an opportunity to play for their third World Cup title: the first two in 1978 and 1986, respectively.

A WIN BY #MOROCCO will be historic being the first Arab team to reach the finals and a chance to win the World Cup hosted in an Arab nation. This team is on fa-yer!

A WIN BY #FRANCE will be one for the books by bagging a chance to become the first team in FIFA History to defend their title in 2018. A quest for a back-to-back championship it is!

Another two day break for this tournament and we’ll be back to yet another thrilling back-to-back matches. We are sure that all teams will be gearing up for their matches and will definitely hold this great opportunity to bring glory to their countries.

semis photos from FIFA Facebook page

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