THE SHOTS WE DIDN’T TAKE: The story of how I got my MESSI-Shirt

Considered to be one of the best final matches ever in the history of FIFA WORLD CUP, this win of ARGENTINA against FRANCE is an epic one. For many spectators, it was all worth it. Win or lose, fans were given a match that kept all of us on the edge of our seats to the very end.

If you will ask me who I am supporting during the FINAL, I would say I am rooting for France. I know being a defending champion carries a bigger challenge for them. In terms of the fan base, France has fewer supporters in the stadiums compared to its other competitors like Morocco and France. For me, Argentina was one of those world champions that are really very promising like Portugal and Brazil. I was even supporting fellow Asian teams like Korea and Japan.

But to be honest, I am cool with whoever wins the final match in the beginning. But it changed a bit when their National songs were played and I saw a different fire in the eyes of the Argentinian players. I felt they are more determined to win. And we saw that during the first half where they led 2-0 and everyone almost felt it was over.

Then my wife and I remembered the shirt that we received from a stranger when we watched the URUGUAY vs KOREA REPUBLIC (Nov24). It was our only ticket for a live match just for my family to experience the FIFA World Cup fever. It was pretty intense, and I must admit I kinda regretted not purchasing more tickets.

That game ended in a draw 0-0 and people were still very energetic even on our way home. While falling in line going to the metro, someone (a Spanish-looking gentleman) asked me if he can have my KOREA scarf which I gladly handed over to him. I was surprised that after wearing it on his neck he gave me an Argentinian shirt which I later realized was a Messi jersey No.10. During that time, Argentina just lost its first match against Saudi Arabia (Nov22).

Not sure what happened, maybe I was too tired and too bored in the queue that I forgot to take a photo – of him wearing the scarf and me still amazed getting something from a stranger. It was too late when I realized I should taken a photo… but the man was already lost in the crowd.

I always remind myself about it – to take as many photos as possible, even in the most mundane situations… for one day I will find them useful or meaningful. While I always remind myself about it, I always end up forgetting and regretting it. THE SHOT I DID NOT TAKE at that time could have been a beautiful story: of friendly gestures you can get from strangers during World Cup games, and of an unexpected sign or coincidence of a good thing that was already “hinted” to me a long while back. Now, many people are searching for a Messi souvenir only to realize that I already have one all along.

For sure there are lots of happenings and unforgettable memories that we are taking home from the recent FIFA WORLD CUP here in Qatar. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity and we are really grateful that we were able to witness it.

In life, there are lots of shots we did not take, and it will keep us regretting for a long time. The chances that we didn’t take are lost opportunities. So let’s always grab the chance that will come our way. Enjoy each moment and take every opportunity to be a better person. In the end, each shot we take is a step closer to winning… especially in this game called LIFÉ!



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