DID YOU KNOW THAT? QR CODES were developed in Japan

It’s been a week already since we launched this newest section in BEST LIFE QATAR. Now, I’m starting to feel the pressure to always be in the know and to gather something that’s worth sharing with our readers. Good thing, in the course of running our BEST LIFE QATAR READERS CHOICE 2023, I came across QR Codes as one of the easiest ways to access the survey link, especially using a mobile phone QR code scanner.

This time, let’s get to know more about QR CODES. According to the website www. qrcode.com, QR Codes were developed in 1994 by the Japanese corporation Denso Wave. QR in QR code stands for QUICK RESPONSE.

In the 1960s when Japan entered its high economic growth period, supermarkets selling a wide range of commodities from foodstuff to clothing began to spring up in many neighborhoods.

Cash registers that were then used at checkout counters in these stores required the price to be keyed in manually. Because of this, many cashiers suffered from numbness in the wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome. “Cashiers desperately longed for some way to lighten their burden.”

The invention of barcodes provided a solution to this problem. Subsequently, the POS system was developed, in which the price of an item of merchandise was displayed on the cash register automatically when the barcode on the item was scanned by an optical sensor, and information on the item was sent to a computer at the same time.

As the use of barcodes spread, however, their limitations became apparent as well. The most prominent was the fact that a barcode can only hold 20 alphanumeric characters or so of information.

Users contacted DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (then a division of DENSO CORPORATION) who were developing barcode readers at that time to ask them whether it was possible to develop barcodes that could hold more information, saying, “We’d like the capability to code Kanji and Kana characters as well as alphanumeric ones.”

Encouraged by these enthusiastic requests, a development team at DENSO WAVE embarked on the development of a new two-dimensional code, all out of their sincere desire to accommodate users’ needs.

Read more about the history and development of QR CODES here: https://www.qrcode.com/en/history/

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