And just like that, we are almost done with the first two months of the year 2023! The days are passing by so fast… or maybe we didn’t realize it since were all busy, pre-occupied, but hopefully still managing to have an enjoyable ride!

Also, our short stint as a Korean Embassy Supporter will end after one more post, and I will definitely miss the habit. But for sure, we will continue to post Korean-related contents even after the program ends.

In this episode of FEED YOUR S[e]OUL, we will give updates and a run though of the latest K-DRAMA offering this quarter. And just like any series that’s about to end, this special is bittersweet for me.

But moving on, the beginning of the year was already welcomed by some great dramas that’s I’ve also personally watched and followed. Here are three of them:


It is a Netflix K-Drama that started in December and ended its 16 episode run in February 14, 2023. As one of those that really get me into thinking and will leave you shocked and surprised every end of the episode… serving you one revelation after another, and giving you a twist of the story that’s beyond your imagination. Indeed it was so intriguing, moving, and at time emotional. This is the type of drama that I can hold on to until the end.

Click here for the synopsis of the drama: https://decider.com/2022/12/19/trolley-netflix-review/


It is a thrilling revenge drama about a man who took justice into his own hands to fight against the corrupt system that put innocents like him to jail. As a fan of legal dramas, the seesaw battle between the protagonists and a host of antagonists around him made this drama more interesting, a bit provocative (causing anger or another strong reaction), and the build up of suspense is amazing. It’s good that, while showing us a legal and justice system that’s seemingly helpless, a creative mind can still work around and prove that doing it the right way and living a righteous life pays off in the end.

Click here for the synopsis of the drama: https://netizenbuzz.kissreport.com/payback-money-and-power-2023/


When it premiered on Netflix in January 24, 2023 – I already knew that it’s something new and will surely be the talk of the town. Like a real-life Squid Game, Physical 100 is a K-reality show involving 100 contestants in top physical conditions casted from a wide range of disciplines to include MMA fighters, wrestlers, National team skeleton racer, gymnasts, firefighter, body builders, dancer, model, Youtuber, and more. They were subjected to different challenges with the CrossFit athlete and snowboarder Woo Jin-yong emerging as the winner beating the other 99 contestants and winning 300 million won (roughly QR 827,000) who was later on deemed to have the “ideal physique.”

Know more about the winner of PHYSICAL 100 here: How the ‘Physical: 100’ Winner Trained for the ‘Ideal Physique’



Watch out for the last episode of FEED YOUR S[e]OUL on March 10, 2023 here at www.bestlifeqatar.com. Our scheduled topic will be about TRAVELING TO KOREA and possible some travel itineraries when you’re visiting South Korea during Spring Season. Until then, happy binge-watching Kdrama fans!

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