How to Apply for Japan Visa in Qatar | Requirements and Procedures [March 2023]

YES, we got our MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA TO JAPAN! It was a leap of faith. An oversight that was eventually answered when we prayed for wisdom and discernment.

Story Time: I know you came for the requirements and procedures but hear us out when we say, timing is super important in planning for every trip. We booked our Japan Trip within our Annual Vacation in the Philippines in April. It was way too early (as in last year, hehehe) because we need to apply for leave in our company and our daughter’s school, plus score a good airfare deal. We specifically allotted the first week of April for visa application in Manila – where we got our first Japan Visa in 2016 (super easy, super fast, no appearance needed in the embassy, you just need to submit the requirements at the travel agency). But then when we checked again… we didn’t realize that it’s Holy Week in the Philippines and we might not get our visas on time if we apply there.

Previously, we tried applying Japan Visa in Qatar but we got taken aback after hearing that they’re too strict and that it’s really easier to apply in the Philippines. So as we prayed for wisdom on what to do, we got so uneasy with the fact that we might really run out of time if we wait and apply in the Philippines. Since we still have time before our vacation, we’d rather take our chance and apply here. Of course, we needed to call the embassy to get a feel of the approval rate and we got the idea that so long as we can prove some financial capacity then there’s a big chance of approval.

Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar

Hotline Number: 4440 9000

Visa Application  7:30am – 12:00pm (During Ramadan 8:30am – 12:00pm)


Please make sure to cross check with Japan Embassy website for more updates. But here are the documents that we prepared when we applied here in Qatar under the category Foreign Resident Tourism (Hotel Stay) :

  1. ORIGINAL Passport (more than 3 months validity) – anything less than this is not accepted
  2. Passport Copy (the pages of status items)
  3. Visa Application Form (click link below for the form)
  4. Photo (H45mm x W35mm, gray, blue or white background, taken within 3 months)
  5. Qatar ID Copy (both sides, more than 3 months validity) – if less than 3 months, apply for renewal immediately just to be one the safe side. My QID is supposed to expire in May (even prior to my return to Doha) but the embassy staff advised me to apply for renewal which is also good for me.
  6. ORIGINAL Letter/Employee Certificate from the Employer in Qatar (issued within 1 month prior to the application date, with the company seal and the authoriser’s signature – attach the computer card of the company, must have the following details:
    • Full Name, Nationality, Passport No., Qatar ID No., Applicant’s Position, Joining Date, Monthly or Yearly Salary, Purpose of Visit, Duration of Visit and Sentence to confirm that “the applicant will come back to Qatar.
  7. ORIGINAL Bank Statements for a Full 6 Months apply early, the long queues in the bank are surprising and uninspiring. If you will be using it for your family’s visa application back home, make sure to keep a scanned copy too.
  8. Flight Booking Information (for the entire trip between Qatar and Japan) – just make it available. although we noticed that it was also returned to us after review.
  9. Hotel Reservation (for the whole period of stay)
  10. Schedule of Stay in Japan (click link below for the form)
  11. Copies of previously issued Visa (for Japan, America, Schengen etc.) if you have any
    • The succeeding additional documents only apply if: a) the Applicant is under 18 years old/ or a dependant. b) the Guarantor pays a part/all of the Travel Expenses.
  12. ORIGINAL Letter of Guarantee
  13. Copy of the Guarantor’s Passport
  14. Entry Visa Request Form

Please click here for Application Form for VISA, Application Form SAMPLE, Letter of Invitation, Letter of Guarantee, Schedule of Stay.

*Kindly note you may be asked for additional information and documents may differ from applicant’s category and purpose of travel.

*Please do not staple any documents (we just put clips to separate each documents)


Note that Japan Visa is valid for use within 3 months only (esp for single entry – not sure yet with MEV). So make sure you really have a scheduled trip soon so as not to have problems in the future. Applicants must visit the embassy in person with all the required documents between Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 to 12:00. No appointment is required.

The Consular Section is located in the Embassy within the New Diplomatic Area on Al Shabab Street, Onaiza, Doha (click here for location). The visitor’s gate is located near Maryam Bint Saroor Mosque. Proceed to the Diplomatic Area security gate just across the mosque, your QID will be scanned, and a shuttle service will bring everyone to each Embassy offices (the driver will announce the name of the embassy during stops).

Only residents in Qatar are eligible for visa application at the Embassy of Japan in Qatar.

If you reach the Embassy, another security check will be done at the gate. This time you need to deposit your mobile phone and QID. When you enter the premises, you should go straight to the Consular Section, proceed to the windows (2 windows with one-way mirror), and ask for assistance. The staff will ask you to drop your documents at the counter and will request you to wait as they review it. Depending on the number of applications, submitted requirements, and the queue, you may need to wait for some time. During that time, we are 2nd of the 3 applicants during that very early Tuesday morning. We submitted three applications and it only took around 30-45 minutes to review then we were given a slip for the passport collection the following Sunday (3 working days). As mentioned earlier, some documents were returned to us including the air ticket copies (not sure if it’s not generally required but better stick with the above list of requirements).

While we were fervently praying upon entering the embassy, the time we got the slip without any question feels like angels were singing in heaven, and we were still in disbelief. Was it approved? Was it for single entry or multiple? That time, our happiness and gratitude was in the assurance that a visa is already secured regardless of duration or type.

There was another Kabayan who queued ahead of us and we heard that there was a question about the hotel booking (since the area is open, everyone could also hear the conversation). We were praying that we won’t get denied because everyone will hear about it (hahaha!). The good thing is that whenever there’s additional requirement, the applicant can just go back to the security (maybe to make a call or send an email) then come back to comply with it. TIP: if there’s any document that you can’t print while at the embassy, you can request if you can just send it to their email instead of going back again.

So probably, it would help to note that the name of the Qatar-based applicant should appear in the hotel booking esp if you are applying as a group (and the others are applying in the Philippines, for example). In that case, you can probably book separate rooms just to avoid any inconvenience. This is the reason why we opted not to use Airbnb this time around (I might release a separate blog posts about this soon or maybe after the trip).

Please click here for VISA fee.
Please note that only cash are accepted. *Credit card is not acceptable.

Visa fee for Filipinos are waived. But depending on nationality, fees may apply.

Passport collection 10:00am – 15:00pm (During Ramadan 10:00am – 13:30pm)


This only applies if you have intention to visit Japan more than once (not sure if renewal or re-application might be affected depending on the number of visit/travel stamps within the visa duration).

Please check your eligibility from below to confirm whether you are eligible to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa. *MRP (Machine Readable Passport)/e-Passport is required for a Multiple Entry Visa Application.

  1. Individual who has a travel record as a temporary visitor to Japan in the last three years and who has ability to pay the travel expense
  2. Individual who has a travel record as a temporary visitor to Japan and two or more travel records as a temporary visitor to G7 countries (except Japan) in the last three years
  3. Individual with sufficient financial capacity
  4. Spouse or children of (3)

– If you are applicable to one of the four categories above, please check the requirements from HERE.
– For more information for Multiple Entry Visa for Nationals of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, please see HERE.

As an avid reader of a popular Facebook Page for Japan Travelers in the Philippines – I came across the idea of trying to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa since we have plans to come back for more if time and budget permits (I guarantee you… you will ask for more once you tried once). And since it was our big gamble, the required REQUEST LETTER might somehow help explain our status and our purpose (this letter was the only additional document and I literally poured out my heart into it).

True enough, we were given a THREE-YEAR MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA here in Qatar (that’s the maximum for a non-Qatari citizen). And when I said “no questions asked” earlier, it could probably be because we made sure to include all documents in the list (even others that may be needed as reference like marriage contract, additional savings bank records, etc). I attached the same request letter to all our applications and the subject also has our names and passport numbers on it (example: REQUEST FOR MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA for Juan dela Cruz (passport No. XXX), etc). Maybe the only clue that made me feel we will get a multiple visa is when they asked me to sign the same request letter for my wife (because we confirmed first which ballpen color to use for signing and then when we signed it before submitting at the counter – I think I forgot that part for my wife).

What also probably helped us was our previous visa and travel to Japan in 2016. Although in the Philippines, we have read that even first time travellers, with enough financial capacity were granted 5 years or 10 years MEV! For sure being a resident here is a plus factor and your financial documents will be a good reference to show that you are capable to finance the trip.

I also mentioned that I am a blogger – but I really don’t know if that really helped me, hehehe (so don’t worry if you are simply going for tourism purposes). But I mentioned that I previously blogged about our experiences and also shared tips to those who also wanted to apply their visa in the Philippines. This time around, we are sharing these tips to our readers who wants to try try it out from here in Qatar.

At the end of the day, just note that the Embassy may issue a single entry visa after visa examination.


  1. Do we need an appointment to go to the embassy? No. Just go there early from 7:30am – 12:00pm (During Ramadan 8:30am – 12:00pm) from Sunday to Thursday.
  2. How long it will take for the approval? In our case, it took only 3 working days. We applied morning of Tuesday then we claimed the passport on Sunday of the following week. We even asked a representative to collect it for us. We just issued an authorization letter and attached the original claim stubs and our QID copies.
  3. What could be the best reason to apply for Multiple Entry Visa? I suggest that you just show them your real purpose. Your travel history, your interests, and your future plans would somehow be evident in your documents. Just be you and request for it when you know in your heart that you really need it and will use it. I’m sure, they will feel in your letter a sense of consistency and sincerity. Although again, there is no guarantee even in the Philippines as it is really upon the discretion of the Embassy.
  4. Maybe you are like us who are OC, very particular (or just paranoid hehehe) with the color of the pen to be used in signing the documents… no they don’t mind. But we used black pen.



  1. Hi Sir Zeke, this is very informative. Question though, what is ORIGINAL Letter of Guarantee
    and Copy of the Guarantor’s Passport? Please expound on it at your free time coz Im planning to visit in July. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sir,
      Need po ba lahat ng applicants say whole
      family to be present sa pagsubmit
      ng application?

  2. Hi Sir. Thank you for your informative blog. I just wanted to ask po if you also provide bank statements from Philippines and Qatar ? Thank you

    1. Hello po. If youre asking po if we included bank statement in the Philippines during our application, our answer is no po. In your case, if the savings in your Philippine account IS NOT from your salary abroad say its from a business then you can probably just add it as additional proof of financial capability. But if your salary here is sufficient then theres no need po. Usually during review of documents they will also advise you whats needed so if mag-ask po sila ng additional proof just keep it handy or ready po. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello po. Are the bookings (flight and hotel) required to be confirmed bookings upon visa application? How many months prior to flight dates is recommended for application? Thanks po in advance and more power to you!

      1. Sir thank you sa quick response. If confirmed flight booking is required, what if hindi maapproved and visa? sayang naman po ang confirmed ticket.

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