10 Ramadan Recommendations for 2023 | Iftar, Suhoor, and other Ramadan Offers

Ramadan for non-Muslims is the season to appreciate and understand the tradition and culture of the land.

As Muslims across the world find spiritual solace in Ramadan, the month also offers glimpses of non-Muslims who are drawn to the essence of the month. Expressing solidarity with their fasting friends and fellow human beings, everyone follows the same regimen of fasting in Ramadan. In doing so, it adds another layer of amity and cohesiveness to Qatar’s multi-layered cultural richness.

Beyond food and breaking-of-the-fast celebrations, we get to experience the warm generosity of the people, kindness extended to the needy, and being more understanding especially during this season.

Here are some of our friends who are celebrating Ramadan in their fabulous and especially decorated tents. Consider these recommendations for your #Iftar and #Suhoor plans for your family, friends and companies.

AL KHAYMA TENT @pullmandoha

AL MASA TENT @holidayinndoha

FAWANEES TENT @alephdoha

RAMADAN AT THE GARDEN @almessilaresortdoha

1001 NIGHTS @doubletree.oldtown

RAMADAN @retajsalwaresort

RAMADAN @centrocdoha

RAMADAN @tofuhousedoha

IFTAR BY THE BEACH @bananaislandresort

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