How I started to become a BTS Daddy ARMY? Read along…

In celebration of BTS’ 10th Anniversary, I would like to share the timelines of HOW I STARTED TO BECOME AN ARMY. As someone who was introduced to this very influential group in late 2021 (Permission To Dance On Stage Los Angeles), it is both a sudden, roller coaster ride of emotion.

✅ On of the Filipino vloggers that I am following was Benedict Cua. And in his Youtube channel, he uploaded on 29th November 2021 his first BTS Concert in LA. From then on, I started to get more inquisitive… maybe on a Level 4/5 level of curiosity that’s why I started watching other suggested videos about PTD LA concert (Nov27-28, Dec1-). This marked the start of it all.

✅Late November 2021, I found myself already watching BTS documentaries, rewatching their present and past concerts etc. Here the level of interest was already high
✅December 2021, I remember watching Run BTS daily… I mean I could binge watch maybe 2 episodes a day before sleeping (these episodes will make you understand and appreciate each member, their attitude, mannerisms, even their unique capabilities). You know when watching BTS is already a part of your daily routine… right?
✅March 9, 2022, I registered on Weverse for the first time. You know what it means… watching V-live, checking merch online, etc
✅Fast forward April 2022, I finished all episodes of Run BTS, In the Soop, Festa, and Bon Voyage series
✅April 8-9, April 15-16, BTS Permission to Dance On Stage LAS VEGAS… my envy level is at it peak but have to accept the reality of what I could and what I couldn’t do (leave work and family – no possible), what I couldn’t afford (definitely not possible)
✅May 5, 2022, guess what… I pre-ordered my first BTS PROOF album the same day it was announced. Boom! Weverse notification THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. 2022-05-05 19:38:17
✅June 14, 2022, came the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT that caught the internet and Hallyuworld by storm – about the announcement of break from group activities to focus on solo activities
✅NO “HEARTBEAT” – feeling the silence and inner cries of fellow ARMYS, I can only hope I have more energy and determination to encourage more than one person as I could.
✅June 19, 2022, weverse package arrived in our residence in Qatar. Confused how to film an unboxing video, but did it anyway. The title reads SILENT VLOG while battling the indescribable sadness and the fact that… LIFE GOES ON, as their song imply.

✅Not watching BTS… just the music… Hirap huminga! (it’s difficult to breath)… I know its an overreacting emotion but it’s like having sons who decided they will go away in the meantime… caught by surprise, unprepared… but willing to understand. I guess it’s like a PARENT’s LOVE.

✅OCT 15, 2022, BUSAN CONCERT wanting to go but couldn’t… Tickets were raffled off and the chances are super slim if not beyond miracle. Honestly I didn’t try joining the lottery for I know there are more people who are more deserving than me for this chance.
✅November 2022, first year of knowing this group. And it’s the time I decided that this will be lasting inspiration… of how hardwork, talent, and kindness of heart combined will guide me to be successful in everything that I will do.
✅November 9, 2022, I got accepted as SUPPORTERS OF THE KOREAN EMBASSY in QATAR (for the period of November 2022 – March 2023. We were tasked to write social media content about anything related to Korean culture every 10 days for the duration of four months). During that time, I was able to write 3 content about BTS out of the 12 articles published for the project.

February 1, 2023, during the BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas with my Family

✅March 26, 2023, I was selected as a K-Influencer for 2023 by KOCIS (Korean Culture and Information Service)
✅April 25, 2023, I was selected as an Honorary Reporter (for Korea.Net) for 2023.

Indeed, the influence of BTS in my passion as a content creator was very evident. But more than anything else, their inspiration was very positive that always bring out the best in me and pushed myself to be more excellent (like what they/their management always do), productive (so many projects left and right), and encouraging to others (by their life, and by their examples). The legion of ARMY around the world is a proof of what the music, their life, and inspirations is all about.

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