ELEGANTE -MIDDLE EAST: Your budget-friendly rental shop for Wedding Gowns and Formal Wears is NOW IN DOHA!

When it comes to wedding preparations, dressing-up the bride, the groom, and the rest of the entourage is really a challenge for most soon-to-be wedded couples. Oftentimes, it eats up a big chunk of the budget depending on the theme of the wedding. Most options include tailor-made gowns and suits, ready-to-wear wedding collections, and now… a more practical and economic solution, RENTAL SHOPS.

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As each options having their pros and cons, a blooming bridal rental company in the Philippines called Simply ELEGANTE Bliss Bridal Shop and Formal Wears Co (or “ELEGANTE” for short) had provided budget-friendly dream weddings to more than a thousand couples already through their shops in Cavite (main), Baguio City, Lucena City and Pangasinan.

Since they started in 2018, their vision has always been to help out “budgetarian” brides to be able to wear their dream dress on their wedding day through their rental shops. As they offer not only bridal gowns but also entourage set ups, more and more couples have been enjoying their friendly service and affordable rental packages.


With thousands of available options – some branded designs from different countries and even tailor-maid bespoke pieces, brides will surely have a field-day to choose. Surely, there’s everything for everyone! Aside from weddings, ELEGANTE also caters to any formal events like birthdays and debut, high school cotillion, and yes, even pageants and ballgowns.


Couples can inquire through their official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gownelegante or to their different branches, and a staff will respond as soon as possible for a possible online or face to face meeting:

BAGUIO CITY: https://www.facebook.com/elegantegownsbaguio

LUCENA CITY: https://www.facebook.com/elegantegownslucena

PANGASINAN: https://www.facebook.com/elegantepangasinan


This process involves consultations, presentation of options and quotation. A personal visit to the store is highly recommended. Another option if a personal visit is not possible, online measurement via zoom is also available.


When a design has been chosen and fit is finalized, then signing of the contract will follow where the client agrees on the rental terms and conditions (RECEIPT AND RETURN).


Based on terms and arrangements agreed on the contract, ELEGANTE will ensure the on-time delivery of the gowns.


After the event, the client will arrange for the return of the items in good condition.


This is an option available for couples who have decided to keep their wedding expenses low. And with many couples embracing practicality nowadays, many have chosen this option for varied reasons:

  1. RENTING A GOWN IS WAY MORE AFFORDABLE. Truth be told, renting will significantly cut your cost by more than a half. You can even score a designer dress or branded labels if it is within the options.
  2. IT IS MORE SUSTAINABLE. What with the metres of tulle, silk, lace and embellishments that go into making bridal gowns, they use an awful lot of resources and many are only worn once. Renting a dress (or suit – bridal tailoring is a trendy option) can be much more eco-friendly.
  3. RENTING IS EASY YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT LONG. Wedding dress hire is as simple as online shopping. You browse online to find your perfect gown, select the dates you need it and for how long, then wait for it to arrive. Visiting the physical shop even allows you try more than one size, or you may want to do a trial run with a few dresses ahead of the big day, to make sure you get the perfect fit. Bespoke dresses can take months to complete and even minor alterations to a ready-made dress can take weeks. Rental dresses are available at short notice, so there’s no need to worry you won’t be the same size as when you ordered the dress.
  4. NO STORAGE PROBLEM. Most weddings dresses are left unused after that big moment, unless you pass it on as “something borrowed” or to be handed over like an heirloom. BUT, watch out for our next article for an option that ELEGANTE can give you in case you have tailor made dresses that you want them to rent-out for you.


Whether you are preparing for your wedding here in Qatar or your wedding back in the Philippines (or your home country), ELEGANTE MIDDLE EAST – with soon-to-open office in Doha will be of help.

During their press launch at Centara West Bay Hotel & Residences on 21st June, 2023 and their meet-up event on 24th June, 2023, ELEGANTE introduced their first international operations – in Doha, Qatar. As a duly registered company in Qatar, they will open their physical office very soon to cater to budget-conscious couples who are preparing for their big day.

Coincidentally, the launch also comes with yet another milestone for ELEGANTE as they seal their collaboration with one of the best fashion designers from the Philippines – MR. JIAN LASALA. He is the CEO and Creative Director at Le Maison De Lasala Co. who also owns the popular brand Lasala Bridal as well as the JIAN LASALA brand of Demi-Couture Evening Gowns that they will bringing to Qatar. Armed with his experience as a fashion designer since 2015, and having designed several gowns for Binibining Pilipinas as well as Miss Universe Contestants from Belize, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone, among others, made him one of the sought-after fashion designers in the country.

The collaboration will initially target the Filipino community but is open to catering other nationalities as well. It is ELEGANTE MIDDLE EAST’s way of promoting Filipino designers and giving them platform to exhibit their creations abroad. In the same way, both Lasala Bridal (wedding) and Jian Lasala (evening gowns) brands aim to provide quality yet affordable gowns, suits and formal wears.

More of ELEGANTE MIDDLE EAST x JIAN LASALA BRIDAL COLLABORATION on a separate article. Please watch out for it soon!

For inquiries about ELEGANTE here in Qatar, please call: 51165059 or inquire on ELEGANTE MIDEAST Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/elegantemideast/) or their main ELEGANTE OFFICE in the Philippines (https://www.instagram.com/elegantewear/).

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