SURVEY SAYS: SISIG, KARE-KARE, PANSIT, EMPANADA, and ADOBO are among our readers favorites

In the recent #LapaganTime, we asked our friends which Filipino food they would first introduce to their non-Filipino friends in Qatar. And the results are very appetizing!

As a culture who loves to eat, Filipinos are also one of the most hospitable people that you will meet. No bonding or simple meeting will ever be complete without food. And when we say food… it has to be… lots of food! Being food lovers that we are, Filipinos are one of the hardest to impress in terms of food taste and so when they say it’s yummy, rest assured that they know what they’re talking about.

So last weekend we visited one of the newly opened Filipino restaurants in Qatar named Cocina De Rose. The prime location is very inviting even to non-Filipinos. The interior is a mix of modern and traditional and the food are well presented and tasty too.

I specifically ordered ADOBO. One of the very popular Filipino dishes that’s very simple to cook and is one of the favorites among Filipino households. As American celebrity chef, author and documentarian, ANTHONY BOURDAIN puts it, “the answer to who makes the best adobo is mom makes the best adobo.”

I was pleasantly surprised to see adobo being served in our restaurants here not because it’s easy to prepare at home but it’s something we can really share our non-Filipino friends.

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