Author: BEST LIFE QATAR by Zeke Tunay

Marriage Made Stronger ZekeKhat V2.0

Last March 10-11, 2016, we had an overnight couples retreat with our church family in Doha. It was indeed a getaway from the busy week as me and my wife only intended to be a regular participant, without any special assignments this time. Well, it was quite an experience to do nothing but sit back, relax,

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Shangri-La Hotel Doha: Cheers to an awesome experience!

I was inquiring for a hotel accommodation for our company’s visiting consultants when i came across some good offers from different hotels in Qatar. But it was the one from Shangri-La Hotel Doha that catches my interest – since they just had their Grand Opening last February 23 and 24, 2016. And after finalizing a few details with their

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