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FOOD PARKS IN QATAR│Summer Hangout for everyone!

Indeed, these food parks are very ideal during cooler months but customers can still enjoy these venues during Summer, too! As I’ve observed during my visit, the latter part of the night is much bearable compared to the early evenings, so even an outdoor setting is also possible. Those who have indoor/air-conditioned spaces have the advantage to accommodate dine-in customers. But interestingly, in many places especially at the Destination Box, a drive-thru system is happening. Cars are lineup in their favorite shops and staff would hand them the menu and take their orders without the customers going out of their vehicles. Kudos to all the staff who are bearing the 40 degrees heat at work!

PINOY LINGO: More than just a platform of expression

TAGALOG BLOGS? VLOGS in Taglish? Why not? Kung ito ang paraan para mai-express natin yung ating thoughts and messages na hindi tayo nagiging tunog makata (using pure Tagalog language), bakit hindi? Kaya “PINOY LINGO” ang tawag natin sa segment na ito ay dahil bukod sa nirerelease natin ang formats na ito every Sunday, it will

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The National Museum of Qatar: Connecting you to the Past, Present, and the Future of Qatar

After more than two months since it opened to the public, we finally got our chance to visit the Museum (again). While we were always at the site for some pre-opening shoot and data gathering, the initial opening rush prevented us to even try. Now that Ramadan is over and that the crowd is less(er),

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NADHI BURGER: Not Just About Burgers

Yes, you’ve heard it right. NADHI BURGER is not your typical burger joint that only serves burgers, fries, and soft drinks. Now, they are offering something different that you won’t see in any burger stores. One of the articles that I read says, “the most discouraging factors that franchise owners must learn to cope with

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Ramadan 2019 in Qatar: Iftar and Suhoor Suggestions

Ramadan is a busy season for all hotels and restaurants in Qatar. Adorned with colorful ornaments and highlighted by a wide variety of traditional and international food, each Ramadan Tents are at its best to invite people and indulge in their season offers. We made a short video on our week1 invitations. Please click here

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HDC New Menu Launch: A taste of Mexico, Middle East, and New Orleans at the Pearl-Qatar

Hospitality Development Company (HDC) has successfully organized three grand events which showcased their new menu for three of their restaurants in The Pearl-Qatar. It was well-attended by many social media people, VIP guests, and even their loyal customers who are excited to try out their newest offering. ISLA MEXICAN KITCHEN Location: 2 La Croisette, Porto

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Bo’s Coffee Qatar: Meeting Place for Homegrown Filipino Coffee

It was April 25, 2018, when Bo’s Coffee – the biggest homegrown coffee company in the Philippines, opened its first international branch with the objective of bringing that distinct coffee experience to Filipinos abroad. And it was a milestone for the company to have chosen Qatar for its first overseas venture which is expected to

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