Last time, I was sharing to you our three-days, two-nights weekend getaway at Premier Inn Qatar. While we already blogged about this hotel in February 2018, we explored other areas that we can highlight to make your stay even more enjoyable. (Link to Part 1: Family Winter Staycation at Premier Inn Qatar) Part2: PLACES TO GO (DISCOVER

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Family Winter Staycation at Premier Inn Qatar

When you get invited to a restaurant or hotel the second time around, you get the feeling that you have done something right at the first time. In sales, repeat customers are validation of your good works and a testament to the quality your products and services. And in a span of few years, I

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2-Day Getaway by Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels

Previously on the blog… We showed you our amazing overnight stay at AL MIRQAB BOUTIQUE HOTEL, the Souq Waqif tour, and our breakfast at Al Bidda Boutique Hotel plus the exciting DAY PASS (beach and pool access) in Banana Island Resort. The featured staycation package also includes the ferry transfer from corniche to Banana Island

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Overnight at the Souq and a Day Pass in Banana Island!

Two vacations in one! Indeed, yes! This exciting promotion of SOUQ WAQIF BOUTIQUE HOTELS BY TIVOLI in partnership with BANANA ISLAND RESORT offers a one-of-a-kind experience to their guests. Imagine, one can spend the night at the souq… discover Qatar’s colorful heritage as you stroll around the labyrinth bazaar… and enjoy the beach the next

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SOUQ AL WAKRA HOTEL: The Arabian Santorini

A new oasis… a sanctuary South of Doha has finally opened. Best Life Qatar calls it the Arabian Santorini. Charmed by the fusion of traditional and modern architecture, we took a lot of shots using a test cam from Fujifilm Qatar and decided to make a photo blog that I’ve not done in a long

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DAY PASS at Fraser Suites Westbay Doha (Special Feature)

It was a pretty hectic week leading to the Eid break (Eid Al Adha 2018). So families and even group of friends are already planning out their staycation getaways to unwind, catchup, and have a little me/us time… during few days of break from work. This is the one of the best times of the […]

DAYCATION? A new way to enjoy Doha summer

We know staycation. Now, people have invented another term called DAYCATION for a shorter 1-day only escape within the city or nearby destination. While it’s not really a new term, but for Doha’s busy professionals and parents wanting to have a quick relaxation and bonding moment, this could be a new alternative. The word daycation basically refers

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As Doha’s summer heats up, many families would tend to go somewhere comfortable, relaxing, and cool. Some would opt to roam around the malls, go on a road trip, relax in an open park, and others prefer to have a staycation in a hotel. Just like us, we spent an overnight stay at Crowne Plaza

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Hotel Prices in Qatar

Have you experienced checking-in at a 3 or 4 star hotel and ended up being frustrated with their services and facilities? Aside from being a bit expensive, you realized that they don’t have even some of the basic hotel facilities like a decent restaurant and a non-smoking lobby. If you have been living in Qatar

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SOUQ SLEEPOVER: 9 ways to experience authentic Qatari hospitality

It is not AIRBNB, but feels like living with a local host… in a traditional Qatari home. Not your usual 5-star hotel, but the service is much more personalized. And this is definitely a must-try for all tourists who want to experience authentic Qatari hospitality – an overnight stay in any of the Souq Waqif

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