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BEST LIFE QATAR | Top 1000 Instagram Influencers in Qatar in 2020

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. My elders are always reminding me to be always grateful for what I have and to make the most out of it to help and inspire other people. Growing in a very competitive environment from school days to my sales and marketing job in the Philippines, being on top is always the

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5 Homegrown Filipino Companies in Qatar (Non-Food) | BLQ Reader’s Choice 2020

According to an old article of Entrepreneur Middle East, “Starting and launching your business in Qatar can often be seen as a long, confusing, expensive and arduous process”. They have also outlined the following documents that must be processed to be fully incorporated and perform all the necessary activities to run and grow a business

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7 New Filipino Companies in Qatar | BLQ Reader’s Choice 2020

As we mentioned before, along with the increasing number of Filipinos in Qatar comes the growing demand for Filipino food and services. While there are also available options that are sometimes inexpensive, Filipino consumers still prefer the taste of Home and the Pinoy brand of service – say, mostly… for convenience. So, it’s not a

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What’s in store for 2020 (and some of the highlights of 2019)

We leave 2019 with gratitude and much learnings that ever before. We look forward to a brand new year with hope for a strong decade finisher this 2020. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2019 Last year was another milestone for BEST LIFE QATAR. Notable of our successes and accomplishments include our collaborations with major brands in and outside

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HILLSONG LONDON │Live In Doha│Night of Worship 2019

We watched the HILLSONG LONDON concert on 15th November 2019, at the Asian Town Amphitheater – Doha, Qatar. It was the culmination of their 4-day Arise and Build Leaders Conference which was held at the Ezdan Palace Hotel from November 11-14, 2019. There was a large number of people gathering together on this one-night-only worship

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Is Polio Vaccination Certificate Required When Traveling?

We posted advance information on our FACEBOOK PAGE regarding the news on POLIO VACCINE being required for all travelers bound for Qatar. A recent update from GMA News (click this link) was quoted showing a list of countries requiring an International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) for travelers from the Philippines. The Department of Health (DOH)

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What’s Inside Nuvali?

I remember visiting Nuvali during its initial development stage in 2009, then on several occasions during our annual vacation on our way to Tagaytay, and this year 2019. Surely, the entire landscape has changed. And for the better, it has become a living city out of a barren grassland in Sta. Rosa, Laguna area. According

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#MakeYourMoveWorthIt: My 1-Week Trip To Manila

Yes! I was in Manila for one week and it was one eventful trip filled with road trips, food adventures, and appreciating the good life has to offer. It was a pleasant surprise and I am just thankful that my company allowed me to go on leave even on short notice (maybe because, I didn’t

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BACK2SCHOOL: Are your kids ready?

Most schools in Qatar will reopen by the end of August 2019. Many students are already excited to meet their classmates and others are excited to see their new campus and meet new friends. Jasmine is now on her 1st grade and the thought of going to a big school excites her so much. After

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Cost of Living in Qatar: A Different Perspective

Our approach shouldn’t be to spend based on how much is the present market price, but on how much is our actual budget – thus, taking it on a “different perspective”. What should dictate our expenses should be our available budget in order to avoid resorting to overspending or borrowing money in case of fund shortage.