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BACK2SCHOOL: Are your kids ready?

Most schools in Qatar will reopen by the end of August 2019. Many students are already excited to meet their classmates and others are excited to see their new campus and meet new friends. Jasmine is now on her 1st grade and the thought of going to a big school excites her so much. After

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Cost of Living in Qatar: A Different Perspective

Our approach shouldn’t be to spend based on how much is the present market price, but on how much is our actual budget – thus, taking it on a “different perspective”. What should dictate our expenses should be our available budget in order to avoid resorting to overspending or borrowing money in case of fund shortage.

Airbnb 102: Tips on how to become a great Guest and a Super Host

This is a supplementary blog post for our VLOG ENTRY entitled: “How we stayed overnight at The Pearl-Qatar for only QR87? || AIRBNB” (click this link to watch the whole episode). It was quite a long video (19 minutes long) in our desire to incorporate both a tutorial and our personal experience in one staycation

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VIDEO: Watched Disney’s Aladdin Movie in the underground cinema of Souq Waqif!

I have a confession to make, it was my first time to watch ALADDIN! Over the years of existence, I only realized while watching the movie’s remake on the big screen that none of the scenes are familiar to me. Except for the popular magic carpet ride scene with its Oscar award-winning theme song A

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Ramadan In The Eyes Of An Expat Blogger

Today, 6th of May 2019 marks the start of the month-long celebration of Ramadan. During this season, all Muslims are expected to fast and refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking, engaging in sexual relations and sinful behaviors that may negate the rewards of fasting. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five

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PINOY LINGO! A New Segment of BestLifeQatar for Kabayan followers

The month of May marks another milestone for #BestLifeQatar as we embark on a new journey and a new platform to communicate with our friends and followers. We are launching the PINOY LINGO which is a venue for me to express my thoughts and opinions in our native language while trying to be more engaging

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CITY SPA: A new relaxation destination for busy professionals

The first two months of 2019 has been very busy for me – with family matters, with work, and even other community engagements. It’s even surprising that those groups or people whom you thought would be easier to deal with would give you added pressures and occupy your thoughts longer than you can imagine. Physical

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BLQ WORKSHOPS: How To Start A Blog (Season 3)

The THIRD SEASON of our knowledge sharing project is now up and running. We started with our “back-to-basics campaign” both with the idea of reaching out to new content creators who have been messaging us for assistance as well as a refresher on the ultimate purpose of blogging. With more participants not being able to

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01…02…03 MALL!

The rise of malls in Qatar is very prominent with more than 20 major malls scattered all over this tiny peninsula. But we’ve discovered a particularly great concept of malls by a leading real estate company in Qatar, wherein they specifically targeted thriving communities and established smaller shopping complexes to cater to the community residents’

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