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Why is it good for OFWs to invest in real estate?

With my recent postings on social media, a lot of people are asking me several questions. About the cost of the properties, location, and even advises which one is the best for them. Most people I know are thinking If I made a career shift to real estate selling (actually, it should be called… a

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What’s Inside Nuvali?

I remember visiting Nuvali during its initial development stage in 2009, then on several occasions during our annual vacation on our way to Tagaytay, and this year 2019. Surely, the entire landscape has changed. And for the better, it has become a living city out of a barren grassland in Sta. Rosa, Laguna area. According

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Airbnb 102: Tips on how to become a great Guest and a Super Host

This is a supplementary blog post for our VLOG ENTRY entitled: “How we stayed overnight at The Pearl-Qatar for only QR87? || AIRBNB” (click this link to watch the whole episode). It was quite a long video (19 minutes long) in our desire to incorporate both a tutorial and our personal experience in one staycation

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