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JWALA RESTAURANT: Doha’s Little India

They said that one of the best ways to know a country’s culture is through their food. And as we embark on our new journey this 2018, it is our desire to expose ourselves not only to different places but also to a variety of cuisines. As part of our new blog direction #BLQWEEKENDS, we

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DOHA BUS: A Quick Tour of the City

The Corniche area is definitely the central tourist destination in Qatar. Visitors planning to have a quick tour in Doha may spend few hours traversing the famous waterfront and you will already get a glimpse of Qatar’s rich heritage and promising future. From different stopovers are several museums, cultural villages, traditional markets and even the

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Holiday Inn Doha: Affordable Luxury in the heart of the City

Yes! For a very affordable rate (especially if you avail of their ongoing promotions and your corporate rates), you can stay in a standard room with King Bed fitted with all the usual hotel furnishings, breakfast for 2, and access to the pool and gym. This is very ideal for those who are traveling to Doha

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