How to Apply for Azerbaijan Tourist Visa in Qatar?

You may have seen it on our INSTA STORIES, yes, I visited Azerbaijan for a quick trip. This is part of our special project at BEST LIFE QATAR to give you travel destinations within 5 hours (or less) flying distance from Qatar.

Bird’s eye view of the OLD CITY in Baku overlooking some of the prominent landmarks including the FLAME TOWERS

On our first post this 2018, we opened with a teaser of BLQ’s biggest challenge for the year on top of our regular features about food, events, and places in and around Qatar. As part of our plan to visit several countries within the year and be able to share the experience as well as travel guides to those who are also planning to do the same.

Out of the 18 cities listed on our post, we have identified few exciting destinations in our priority list. First on our list is Azerbaijan. Note that just we have considered these destinations on the basis of travel time, visa requirement, airfare, and popularity (the less traveled places are our priority). Read more of the post here.

Initially, identifying the VISA requirement is a must before deciding if you want to proceed with your plan. Among the many other factors mentioned above, it is the VISA that is beyond our control and subject to approval of the respective Embassy. For our case, FILIPINOS are required to personally apply for AZERBAIJAN VISA in their embassy office in Doha located at the West bay Lagoon opposite of Katara (location map here).

However, there are countries which are eligible for Visa Exemption (visa not required), Visa on Arrival (airport visa), or E-Visa (online application). Check on the embassy website whether your country is any of the mentioned categories (‎). Otherwise, personal application will be necessary.

The following documents should be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Qatar for obtaining visa. It may look too much but most of it are readily available in our files, so do not get overwhelmed.

  1. Original and photo copy of a valid national passport or other document (validity date must be at least three months beyond the duration of the visa applied for and has to contain at least two blank pages);
  2. Completed Visa Application Form – (all fields of the application form must be filled out carefully, not missing any information);
  3. No Objection Certificate (Travel NOC) from Employer/Educational Organization (signed and stamped) indicating personal information, applicants position, purpose of the trip and coverage of the expenses;
  4. Photocopy of a valid QATAR residence visa (QID);
  5. Two biometric 3.5cm x 4.5cm colored photos on white background taken within last six months;
  6. Flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency (Return Ticket);
  7. Hotel Voucher (signed and stamped); and
  8. Receipt of the visa fee payment (Qatar National Bank Account No 0170015167053 – 20 USD)

*processing will take 10 days

Maiden Tower is the symbol of Baku (Azerbaijan’s capital)

It’s actually simple!

When I visited the embassy office on a Wednesday morning since it is quite difficult to contact them via telephone (either no answer or the consular staff is not in the office), the process of acceptance is easy. As long as you have all the documents ready and in order (submitted personally), you will be advised via telephone call once your visa is ready. There were only three of us who were there that day who are applying for visa so it should take you more than 10 minutes.

Though the requirement slip indicated 10 days processing, it took only 7 days for our visa to come out (calendar days). While the submission is done personally, getting the passport with the stamped visa may be done through an authorized representative.

The Consular Office’s timing if from 9am to 12noon only. Just some side notes: make sure to check the details on the visa and give allowance between visa application from actual travel (since delays or errors may put some pressure and stress on you).
Actual Visa to Azerbaijan (for reference purposes only)

Afterwards, you’re ready to go!

Watch out for my AZERBAIJAN SERIES for detailed features of my 2-day trip.

Eternal Flame Tower at the Martyr Lane (with the view of TV Tower)



Embassy of Azerbaijan

Address: Villa #10 511 W Bay Lagoon St, Doha

Hours: 9:00m to 3:00pm

Phone: 4493 2450


  1. Heyyyyy, thank you for all the information, one think did they ask for Letter of invitation, did you fill online form ?

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this information.
    1)If I want to travel with my wife and kids, do I have to fill each one separate form.
    2) Is it necessary to have flight and Hotel bookings now when I am planing to travel in Dec. Long time for booking these stuff.

      1. Thanks for quick response. If I may ask where can I get unconfirmed booking. Secondly is the payment at QNB in USD or equivalent in QAR. Thanks bro.

  3. Kindly explain further the Hotel Voucher (signed and stamped).

    Is reservation not enough? Do we have to obtain it thru hotels in azerbaijan?

  4. Hi po, if ever po ba na unconfirmed ticket ang ibigay even if cancelled na yung ticket ng agency kase nga dummy okay lab po ba yun?

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