KEEP SAFE FROM COVID-19: Tips on how to be productive at home

It is true that when you stock up fear in your heart, your lips and your actions will also overflow with fear manifesting itself in negative thoughts and negative posts. Instead, have peace… keep your self busy and productive since life won’t stop because of CORONA VIRUS.

All of us won’t bow down amidst this pandemic situation. And while many are stuck in their homes, we can make the most of this situation to do so much more.


  1. Heed the call of the government authorities to stay away from public places and large crowd or gatherings to avoid getting infected.
  2. The class suspension is not the time to go out and meet up with friends.
  3. When at home, consider this as an opportunity to sort things out in the house to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.


  1. While doing Isolate#3, you may specifically want to include disinfecting solutions while cleaning the bedrooms, dining, kitchen, and bathroom areas.
  2. Spray alcohol in your doorknobs and sockets (but check first for any exposed electrical wirings before doing so). These are the usual spots where we put our fingers on.
  3. Also, clean our cellphones, remote controls, and other stuff.


  1. Storing up means keeping a good amount of basic supplies like food, sanitizers, medicines, etc. Like having your usual grocery, storing up should not be done to hoard large quantities of a specific item. Keeping enough for the family while allowing others to have some for themselves is the best attitude that we can have during these times.
  2. In anticipation of a possible mall/grocery closures, it is also good to have a record of your nearby community stores’ (bakala/convenience stores) delivery numbers or other supermarkets offering home delivery services such as the following (keep in mind that delivery time may change depends on the volume of orders):


  1. Tune in to educational stations or channels.
  2. Do personalized activities (this is a test of creativity otherwise you can leave it to the experts by checking out Youtube channels that can provide such information). Others may try baking, simple cooking, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and the likes. Not sure if Tiktok and Zumba could help, but… why not?
  3. Play with them (this might just be the perfect time to bond with them).
  4. Check out their online school assignments and play in between (most of us will be doing homeschooling without us realizing it!)


  1. Tune in to your local channels for news updates.
  2. Check the social media accounts of pertinent government agencies for alerts and notifications.
  3. Keep a list of important numbers to call in case of an emergency, as well as website for update:


Lastly, and most importantly, PRAY. Pray not because we are helpless. Pray because it is our faith’s default.

Remember that crisis management begins at home, taught by parents to their children, and the very same discipline that people will implement in their offices and society as a whole. We call on all the parents to take an active role in showing our kids the right way to handle these situations.

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