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6 Interesting Food Parks in Quezon City

In the recent posts I had about the food parks in Manila, I gave a quick overview of the locations and my overall impression of each place. Here, I will try to detail each food park and highlight the differences of each one from the others, in response to some of the messages and request for information from our readers.

Again, I was bias with the location – which is very close to my residence. There were other equally interesting food parks in the metro, however, it would take forever to visit all of them and sharing all of them might be a mouthful of information.

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In alphabetical order, here are the 6 food hubs that I had the pleasure of visiting last May 2017. (Please note that some of the information may change as per individual management’s prerogative. So our usual advice is to check out their social media accounts before heading out.)

Special instructions to Best Life Qatar readers: When you see highlighted words, you may click them to lead you to a website that contains further information. We have patiently gathered all the details you need to make your food adventure a lot easier.

150 Maginhawa Street Food Park

Location: 150 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Business Hours: 4:00PM – 12:00AM

Contact Number/s: N/A

Facebook Account: @150maginhawa

Instagram Account: @150maginhawa

Total Number of stalls: 14

The food I tried: After being initially frustrated not seeing the first target food park which was then under renovation, I took my late “p” steak lunch at Theo’s just along Maginhawa Street. Since it was a heavy meal which also allowed me some time to browse for other spots in the area, i only managed to get a cold milk shake from Sam’s. This instagram-popular dessert food truck is exclusively available at One Fifty Maginhawa Food Park.



Grub Hub

Location: 47 Visayas Avenue, corner Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City

Business Hours: 11:00AM – 12:00AM

Contact Number/s: +63 917 625 5026

Facebook Account: @GrubHubPH

Instagram Account: @GrubHubPH (not updated)

Total Number of stalls: 15

The food I tried: I opted for “Netflix and Chill” from their newest member, The Chillout Cooks. It is a well served, freshly cooked cheese bombs + fried pepperoni and cheese fries + vanilla french onion rings. I also tried ENVY from the Wicked Kitchen which was perfect for a hot summer afternoon. It’s a chocolate milkshake with pretzels, torched mallows, whipped cream and rainbow candy. So much for an instagram feed!



Savour Manila

Location: 238 Tomas Morato Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City

Business Hours: 5:00PM – 1:00AM

Contact Number/s: +63 926 048 6475

Facebook Account: @SavourManila

Instagram Account: @savourmanila

Total Number of stalls: 19

The food I tried: This was the only place i went to with a companion who was a former colleague and a fellow photography enthusiast from Qatar. We tried Como’s Angus Beef Black Pepper Rice and Roast Beef Panini sandwich. It was delicious and just perfect for a light meal and some serious conversation.



Station Maginhawa Food Park

Location: 178 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, 1101 Quezon City

Business Hours: 4PM-11PM

Contact Number/s: +63 926 665 9250

Facebook Account: @thestationmaginhawaPH

Instagram Account: @thestationmaginhawaPH (mention)

Total Number of stalls: 22

The food I tried: Although im still a bit full during my visit at The Station Maginhawa but their food choices are simply irresistible. I tried the mini burgers from Cheese-o-holic and a glass of cold Midori Apple Float from Chibi Chibi Soft Serve. The refreshing ambiance gives you that “railway-station-in-Japan” feeling.

20170511_133420 20170511_133445


The Food Hive

Location: 80 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City

Business Hours: 12:00PM – 12:00AM

Contact Number/s: +63 977 457 4552

Facebook Account: @TheFoodHivePhilippines

Instagram Account: @TheFoodHivePhilippines (mention)
Total Number of stalls: 11

The food I tried: Hungry after rushing a blog post on that day so i decided to take my late lunch at Yordanovi Bulgarian Restaurant. I was observing how the food was prepared and it was a true haven for budding chefs who conceptualized the entire gastrohub themselves.



The Yard at Xavierville

Location: Xavierville Subdivision, Loyola Heights Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Business Hours: 4:00PM – 12:00AM

Contact Number/s: N/A

Facebook Account: @theyardatxavierville

Instagram Account: @theyardatxavierville

Total Number of stalls: 12

The food I tried: It was not planned when i visited The Yard. It was already drizzling and a heavy rain is threatening to pour in that night. But i couldn’t forgo the only opportunity to visit this pioneer in the food park business and I’m sure i will regret if i don’t go. I was like a child in awe when i reached the place. It was everything i saw on social media and i was just happy i was standing there at that very hour. It was like a junkyard with an upbeat vibe… a structure made of recycled metals yet it has a classy feel… no wonder more students from Ateneo (i’m guessing from their looks) are trooping to this place.

Though i wrote a separate blog post about this but I’m just so happy that i was able to visit that place. I was prepared to order food before i go (which i checked from their instagram accounts) but it changed when i got there. I ended up trying Takami’s very delicious Cheesy Chicken Katsudon Bento… good thing the staff recommended it and i was able to try the tastiest gyoza ever. I got my drinks from Gulp Station which tasted like a blue gatorade so it was particularly good that it was not that sweet. Overall it was a great meal!


Corrections: After visiting other food parks on the latter part of my vacation and reviewing all my photos, i realized that there are some stalls who also have branches on other food parks contrary to what i mentioned on my earlier blog posts (i put asterisk* on their store names here). However, still a lot of other food stalls are unique /exclusively available on one particular food park.

I eventually realized that posts like this do not only give our readers ideas on places to visit and what good food to buy. These posts also inspire them to save and eventually venture into food business in their own areas.

The photos we are posting can provide beautiful concepts and ideas on what’s hip and trending to the customers. In the end, we are also helping the businesses in promoting it to the returning OF’s and other travelers – once again highlighting the very purpose of why we blog in the first place. #blog2help


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