Vitality Spa: Transit Experience at Hamad International Airport

This has been a long overdue blog after officially kicking off a month-long vacation last April 28, 2017. With all the last minute preparations and other personal matters… I’m finally back with the details of my airport feature (I gave teasers via my instagram posts earlier).

It was my original plan to roll-out a vacation series to show you what i’ll be up to during my vacation. Of course, the highlight would be those budget friendly, money saving tips that I’ll be very happy to share. And I would like to start this with our beloved Hamad International Airport – where all great vacations start.


I got my permission from VITALITY SPA to shoot for my blog just few days before my flight and so i was very excited to pack our bags and head to the airport not only to see if our baggage will fit in but also to have enough time to visit the spa before our flight time.

SIDE STORY: With our traveling bags and an overweight box, my son and I went to the airport 5 hours earlier anticipating a possible repacking since we stuffed our box with so much items from our last minute shopping. True enough, we were asked to break the 50kg box since the acceptable weight for every checkin bag/box is only up to 32kg for Qatar Airways. After securing our boarding passes, repacking our baggage and checking-in again, we finally made it to the Yellow Bear still way earlier.


As instructed, we walked-in to VITALITY SPA located at the 4th floor of Hamad International Airport (at the Departures/Shops take the elevator on the right side of the Yellow Bear). The Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre offers a selection of recreational spaces such as indoor swimming pool, hydrotherapy tub, gym and squash courts (more details HERE).


Ideal for those with long layover, Hamad International Airport provides transit accommodation, lounges and spa services. Vitality Spa, for one, comes free for those who are availing of the Airport Hotel and it’s open to anyone who simply wants to avail of the spa facilities for a minimal fee of QR175 (new rate). There are also available packages for other services such as massage and facial for men and women.



Upon entry, you will see the front desk. The swimming pool, gym and squash court are on the left side, while the lockers and shower rooms, massage cabins and hydrotherapy tub are on the right. The indoor pool is 1.2 meters deep, 25 meters long and is temperature-controlled. The gym is fully equipped and the overall ambiance is quiet and relaxing.





If you are not a transit passenger and still would want to avail of the services from Vitality Spa, you can simply go straight up and get refreshed even an hour or two before your flight. Renovation Notice – Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre will be undergoing a renovation for the entire month of May 2017 and some of our facilities will not be available during this period.

Aside from Vitality Spa, there’s also the Hotel Airport which offers accommodation up to 12 hours (for transit passengers only). First or Business class ticketed passengers as well as select QR Privilege Club and oneworld alliance members can also avail of free services from several Airport lounges.


The Oryx lounge, for example, offers food and beverage services, a smoking room, business centre, lockers, a quiet zone, internet facility and a gaming room for kids. Airline’s premium passengers and select card holders are eligible for complimentary access to the Oryx lounge. Economy passengers will be able to gain access to the lounge for a nominal fee of QAR 200 (USD 55). For more information, visit


This personal experience also exposed me to the idea of airport as a place of comfort for busy individuals who wants to get refreshed, pampered, relaxed before traveling. While it usually paint a gloomy picture on my mind especially for those having problems with visas and those sad goodbyes, but these airport facilities encourage us to leave all our worries behind and go on our journeys in life comfortably.

Lastly, #whenattheairport, don’t forget to check out these cutie little finds:


  1. do you know if there is a time limit for using their facilities? I am considering booking a massage – in which case i’d have a free entrance to the pool and jacuzzi, right?

      1. Hello sir. Vitality Spa will allow max of 8 hour stay using the facilities at approx Qr175/per. But no sleeping facilities. Otherwise theres also airport hotel where depending on your time of checkin will also give you a room plus access to the vitality spa for free ( Thanks!

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