JASMINE@4: The joy of sharing!

Just like in the popular nursery rhyme that teaches kids to share, it is important to demonstrate to them this character even at their young age… when they tend to be a little selfish and a little unkind.

Sharing makes our life happy Baa Baa

The more we share the more we have Baa..Baa.
Sharing Makes Our Life Joyful Baa Baa…
Sharing is a way of caring Baa Baa…

Giving, Caring, Sharing, Helping shows your way of loving…
Loving, Caring, Sharing, Helping are our ways of living…

Baa, baa, All sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Many bags full.
Some for My master,
Some for My Future,
the rest for sharing
with the people on the lanes.

Naturally naughty

Yes, some parents felt guilty when their child displays such bad behaviors even if you only teach them good manners and right conduct. This is a natural instinct (of self-preservation) that has nothing to do with parenting styles. Instead, parents should be more patient in teaching and setting an example for kids to emulate.

This cake is courtesy of our friends from Levidence Cafe
Thanksgiving with fellow November birthday celebrants

Happiness in a box

For the last three days (Nov 29-30 and Dec 1), it was a simple gesture that we impressed upon our little princess to give and share: with her friends at the nursery house, her classmates at YAM, and her kid’s church buddies.

Celebrating birthday in style don’t necessarily mean grand and expensive… but it can also come in simple forms of smiles and laughter every time the kids receive their Happy Meals.

Celebration at her school

with her teachers
Special cake to be shared to all her teachers

As parents, it is our hope that Jasmine will take it to heart the idea that it is better to give than to receive.

During our simple celebration at home

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