HANOK Korean Restaurant Qatar: A modern take on the Korean dining experience

HANOK Korean Restaurant Qatar is a breath of fresh air with its modern industrial interior while still keeping that traditional Korean accent here and there. It’s like going to a modern cafe in Korea with a touch of tradition. The modest exterior is far from its interior, they are quite lucky to have a good view of the National Museum of Qatar.

hanok (Korean: 한옥, 韓屋) is a traditional Korean house. And just like some of them in Korea nowadays, they have evolved and become quite modern (for structural purposes) yet retained the traditional designs and accents (aesthetics).

One of my favorite space at the 1st floor
Modern and Traditional spaces
The restaurant officially opened on 15th December 2022

They have a good selection of Korean food from rice bowl, kimbap, noodles, bunsik (street food), chicken, Korean set meals, and the local favorite: jeukseok tteokbokki in red or pink sauce. For the first time in Qatar market, they are also introducing the SEIROMUSHI or PYUNBAEKJJIM which is steamed beef and vegetables in a premium Japanese Hinoko wood steamer.

Drinks are ordered separately from the set
Chicken Mayo Bibimbap
SEIRUMISHI (QR 220 single layer, good for 2 – also available in double layer QR 440 good for 4), sliced premium Australian beef, assorted vegetables with 2 side dish trays, and BOKKEUM BAP.

The SEIROMUSHI is served in Japanese wood steamer, and it comes with BOKKEUM BAP which is a Korean favorite kimchi fried rice with kim (dried seaweeds). The fried rice can be prepared by the staff after steaming the beef, or after finishing the SEIROMUSHI or PYUNBAEKJJIM set using a small portion of the juice out of the steamed beef (in the stainless part of the steamer). We really love the tenderness of the beef – can be eaten “the samgyup way” or any way you like, and may be dipped in soy or peanut sauce.

It was a new experience for us. We recommend everyone, even those who are not a fan of spicy food, to try and experience the authentic flavor of the food. The spiciness enriches the taste of the food (which would otherwise taste bland without it). The level is quite strong if you’re really not into it, but I really suggest you to save the sweet pumpkin soup from the side dish for this part. Otherwise, those who love Korean food will surely be delighted to have this popular Kimchi Fried Rice (just don’t fight over who gets the crusty part, hehehe).

HANOK KOREAN RESTAURANT is located in Old Salata, Museum Street (opposite the National Museum of Qatar), Doha. Telephone: 3004 1019 | Instagram: Click here for the menu:

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