K-PADS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT FUJI EXPRESS! How we manifested it and slowly becoming real

Back in February 2022, I posted this on Instagram. Fast forward to August 2023, I tried to recall a silent prayer that I uttered, and it felt really amazing. Though I wasn’t there yet… but it seems like God is slowly paving the way for me to learn the ropes and prepare me for whatever it is that I need to become in the future.

What is K-pads?

K-pads is a revolutionary feminine sanitary pads manufactured from Japan. It is the first anti-dysmenorrhea napkin which has anion capabilities. The embedded negative ion strip can increase energy, enhance immunity, regulate, lessen heavy periods, balance hormones, mood and kill bacteria causing odour.

It also has 8 layers in order to prevent any leakage during heavy menstrual period. It helps reduce irritation and remove odour. It helps accelerate oxygen circulation between the private part. It helps release negative ions up to 6100/cm3. It can absorb and hold liquid up to 120-150 ml.

Testimonies after testimonies are available online proving the superb efficiency and effectiveness of K-PADS. And so when it was first introduced to us, it was also the time when we discovered that our daughter already has her period at an early age of nine – glad that it also came during their summer break!

Now Available at Fuji Express!

Partnering with FUJI EXPRESS TRADING QATAR, we are very excited to make this amazing product become more easily accessible to our clients in Qatar both for walk-ins and even home delivery via Talabat. The store is located along Hiteen Street in Al Muntaza Doha, Qatar. Click HERE for location.

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Telephone Number: +974 3001 6532

In the future, we aim to make K-PADS a household brand that all ladies will embrace by partnering with more outlets that we can possibly get in Qatar.

Available in 3 variants:

K-PADS DAY (beige) – Created for day use. Each pack has 10 pads.

K-PADS NIGHT (blue) – Created for night use. Each pack has 8 pads.

K-PADS NIGHT (green) – Created for everyday use. Each pack has 30 pads.

A resealable pack just for your pads! Bring your K-Pads with you without worrying about mixing it with other stuff in your bag. #Kpads #AlwaysBeAtYourBest #JC

K-pads came to us at the right time… not only for use of my daughter but also for the purpose of BECOMING A BLESSING TO MANY by sharing its benefits and many wonderful opportunities. Getting to know more about feminine health is a good way for men to care and love the ladies in their family. And knowing that Cervical cancer (which is also the cause of death of my mother) is the fourth most common cancer in women, it gave us deeper reason TO CAMPAIGN FOR WELLNESS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Indeed, let’s not forget our prayers for everything will fall into its proper places in God’s time. It may not be how we exactly envisioned it, yet or ever, but it will surely be the best one that He has prepared for us.

For our readers in the Philippines and outside of Qatar, you may order online by clicking this link:

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